I’ve been using braw beard oils for a few years now, with a big beard like mine I use a lot.

Everyone loves the smell of the oils, from my fiancée to random strangers. Not only that but it makes the hairs nice and soft. I use to suffer from dry, itchy skin under my beard but since using the braw oils it’s stopped.

I always recommend braw beard oils to anyone with a beard. Proud to say I’m part of the Brawtherhood!!

Stephen Arnott

Grafter - Beard Oil

Braw Beard Oils are a great way to make your beard soft and shiny, whilst also smelling great.

I use the Grafter oil (smells of freshly cut wood) and i can’t recommend it enough. A really nice subtle smell that lasts most of the day. I never thought I’d use beard oil but since my brother in law got me a bottle I’ll never not use it now. Really makes a difference.

Also purchased the wooden beard comb and the skip hat. Both great quality.

Anthony McColl

Grafter - Beard Oil

I love the Lover Braw Beard Oil. It smells nice, softens my beard and keeps my skin moisturised. To add to the appeal my wife loves the smell too and the soft beard doesn’t irritate her when I get a snog haha

Ross Rollo

Lover Beard Oil

Awesome snapback. Made great and very durable, I know this as it’s often thrown down the back of my leathers when out on the bike and comes back in great shape. Brilliant fit too.

Amazon Customer

Skull Snapback

Yet another great product from the Braw team. I always think I’ve found my favourite and then they go ahead and release another that does the same great job, but again the scent is manly and reminds you of so many things. Can only highly recommend you give the Braw range a go.

Mark Crosbie

Jarls Northman 1263 Beard Oil

The best beard oil I’ve tried, without question.
Amazing scent which lasts most of the day. Really easy to apply and keeps my beard soft without being greasy.


Grand Eckson 1918 Beard Oil

Outstanding product, smells unbelievable and keeps the face fuzz feeling soft and looking great! Also try ‘Thrilla in Vanilla’ beard butter!


Dane Ward

Warrior Beard Oil

Still the best product on the market. #Braw

Josh Dickens-Hayman

Thrilla in Vanilla Beard butter

Within two hours of my first application of Wulver I’d killed two wild boars with my bare hands, built a log cabin with just my teeth and successfully split an atom with only a mortar and pestle and a corkscrew! I’m a bit worried what tomorrow will bring! I’ve never felt so manly! Seriously though, my beard feels reet lovely and smells dam fine! Get some now!

Guy Bumfrey

Wulver - Beard Oil

I first tried beard oils when the guys at Braw released a ltd ed. Brook McDonald (aka the bulldog) after that I was hooked. No matter what length of facial hair you have, after a full week or two you will be amazed at how soft your face rug is! Added benefits are the manly scents that attract all the women (maybe slightly exaggerated but my wife does like the smell)


Wulver Beard Oil

I have bought and gone through a few beard shampoo’s . But the braw beard wash has been by far the best I’ve used . Keep it up boys!


Rob Gilson

Braw Beard Wash Shampoo

WOW. What a smell. Minty goodness. Couldn’t believe how good this smells. Feels great on the beard. Not greasy. Just smelling great and keeping the beard nice and soft. Braw Beard oils are one of the best on the market at the moment.

Neil Young

Arctic Explorer 1813 Beard Oil

I’ve tried a few different brands of beard oil some smelt quite horrible and then i got recommended some braw beard oil by a friend so thought i’d give it a try well for a start the smell was amazing but there is some others that i would like to try and the smell didnt fade within 10 minutes like the others and it made my beard feel alot healthier so if your curious about this product don’t think twice about it!

Gary Scotland

Heather Beard Oil

Cheers for making my beard smell of wondering things superb products keep it up.

Derek Frank


I’m extremely particular about the products I use. A lot of below par products are quick to brag, but Braw Beard Oil is far superior to anything I’ve tried, believe me, I’ve tried most all of the competition. It’s manly, yet suitable for anyone and I find the ladies love the smell and texture of my beard.

Fred Durst - Limp Bizkit

My man swears by this stuff! X

Erin McNeill

Thrilla in Vanilla Beard Butter

My favourite all time beard oil (I’ve tried a lot). Love it and more importantly, my wife loves it.



Wulver Beard Oil

Bought this as I had been using normal soap and was drying my beard out.
Straight away after the first wash the beard felt softer and less brittle.


C. Irving

Braw Beard Wash Shampoo

Out of all the oils, this is my husbands favorite. And mine. It smells amazing! I can’t keep my hands off him.


Judy Scott

Arctic Explorer 1813 Beard Oil

I have a multitude of BRAW beard oils, I like them because they not only moisturise / perfume it but they also help to style too..
Definitely worth investing in.


Ellis Blackman

Heather Beard Oil

The Jarls Northman 1263 is fantastic, I wouldn’t be without it now.

Scott Thomson

Jarls Northman 1263 Beard Oil

Totally in love with the products, never used such a high quality oil and balm before, thanks.

Billy Joe Fletcher

Braw Bundle Box

Purchased a ‘3 pack’ of Wulver, Lover and Grafter 50mls. All 3 oils are of the same excellent quality, conditioning the skin and leaving the beard feeling nice and soft. The fragrances are all great with a fairly masculine smell. Grafter was my favourite out of the 3 purely because I preferred the fragrance and I will be looking forward to purchasing different oils and fragrances soon when I put an order in for another 3.

Billy Buroo

Grafter - Beard Oil

I first bought this for my husband as a Christmas gift after I saw Fred Durst endorse Braw Beard Oil on Twitter – I thought to myself “I wish my husband’s beard smelt exactly like Fred Durst’s beard”. I’ve since bought him a couple of other products, including the beard butter, which (although not personally recommended by Fred) hubby’s also enjoyed using.

Despite him having a thick ol’ thigh tickler, it doesn’t take much oil to leave the bottom half of his face smelling gorgeous and feeling soft. I’ll be buying it for him again.


Lover Beard Oil

Up there with the best product I’ve ever used … Left my beard feeling soft, clean and smells amazing!! Lasts forever too.

Ricky Derrick

Wulver Beard Oil

These oils just get better and better. The latest New Jals Northman 1263 has a deep woody scent of flora and pine. The essential oils has a lasting aroma that keeps an all day freshness to your beard.
It’s incredible and a must buy. Use as a second night treatment to feed and condition your beard and drift off into a relaxing sleep.

Ken Brydon

Jarls Northman 1263 Beard Oil

This oil is great and noticeable better than other shop brought ones. Oh and the misses likes the smell too lol


Gary Wilcox

Grand Eckson 1918 Beard Oil

Over the last few years I’ve used Braw Beard oils. After sampling some others before hand, it’s the only product I use. I’ve tried grafter, heather, lover, wulver, the grand eckson, warrior and even naturale while my wife was pregnant (she usually loves the fragrance but was too much during her pregnancy). Only a small amount of the oil gives your beard a clean and smoother finish. Wouldn’t use any other.

Jim Howie

Warrior Beard Oil