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Applying the Big Kink beard oil.

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April 4th, 2017

A’right guys?

Just checking in, it’s John again. My new t-shirt arrived from Jack Jester at Insane Championship Wrestling. We signed Jack Jester at the start of the year, in January so we decided to a limited edition label for him (available HERE), like we do with Brook Macdonald and WolverDean. So, if you haven’t go one yet, get it and add it to you collection because it’s not going to be around for too long.

It is a relabelled Arctic Explorer, he chose that one, it’s his preferred scent. He likes the minty freshness and to be honest it is a favourite, it sells really well. It has peppermint and ylang in it, then obviously the same base oils, hempseed, argan, jojoba, vitamin E as well. All good base oils for the facial hair.

All you need are just a few drops. Our bottles are 50ml bottles, they last a looong time, one of those bottles will last 6 – 8 months. Rub the beard oil through your hands and then just over the facial hair, get down to the roots. Massage it in, make sure the oil gets right down to the follicles and once you’re happy with the coverage, take on of these. Our new beard brushes, they are curved, it matches the shape of your face so it’s easier for brushing. They are soft boar bristles as well. I’ve seen other boar bristle brushes that I wasn’t too happy with because the were too tough, I just worry about that stripping the hair, so we got softer ones.

That’s the size of the brush man, it’s tiny, it fits in your pocket no problem, you can take it with you. Just brush through gently, just get right down to the skin again and then that’ll just even out the distribution of the beard oil. It’ll make your beard nice and full as well, the bristles brush through nicely and separate the hairs making the beard look fuller. I do get a split in my beard, you’ve maybe seen it in previous videos, but using this thing man, it sorts it out.

So there we go, all good. If I was heading outside today, which I’m not, well not any time soon anyway. If I was I’d put a little bit of beard butter on the top just to hold the wispy hairs in place, y’know, because it’s always windy in Scotland. Then you just pull the hair back into shape and you’re all gooood.

I hope that’s helped? Thanks very much for watching, see you later.

Jack Jester oil & brush combo available HERE

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