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My beard routine to keep it pristine.




June 30th, 2017

It’s John again from Braw Beard Oils, sorry it’s been a while since I’ve done a video, it’s been kinda busy. We’ve got 2 new products coming out. We’ve got the new snapback coming out next week, next Friday it will be on the website. And, we’ve got a new product coming out that I kinda want to keep under wraps just now but it will be out in August time, some of the Brawtherhood know what it is.

That’s a thing actually, if you haven’t joined the Brawtherhood Facebook group, look it up on Facebook. It’s just There’s an application process to get into the group, just to make sure you are a fan of Braw Beard Oils and you’re using the products but just follow those steps and we’ll get you in. There’s exclusive discounts and stuff in there.

Also, people have been asking what my daily routine is for maintaining my beard. I tried to do a live Facebook video but the connection was crap so it keep going pixelated and it was a nightmare, so I thought I’d just do a quick video and upload it.

Basically I start off using the Braw Beard Wash, the beard shampoo every morning. Some people say just use shampoo every 3 days or so, personally I use it every morning, it’s all natural, there’s no chemicals in it, it’s got aloe vera in which is really good for the skin underneath, keeps the dry skin away and keeps the flakiness away and keeps the skin hydrated too.

Braw Beard Oils

Once I jump out the shower, towel dry it gently, pat it dry, don’t rub it, you could tear up the hair or tear some hair out as well, which you don’t want. Once I’ve done that, once the beard’s dry I’ll apply some beard oil. This is what I’m using at the moment, Arctic Explorer, just a few drops of that in the hands, rub it down right into the skin, cover the hair as well. You only need a few drops, just rub it through your hands, a small amount goes a long way.

Braw Beard Oils

Then I use one of these new combs, it’s a sandalwood comb, a flip comb as well, they are nice and solid. Comb it through with that, get the beard oil right through, down to the skin.

Braw Beard Oils

Once I’ve done that, I take some beard butter, I use the Thrilla in Vanilla just now. Thrilla in Vanilla and Arctic Explorer together smells amazing! Take a small amount out, about the size of a pea, put in your hands and rub it down, it’ll melt to an oil and then just rub it through your facial hair again. It’s got beeswax in it, so it will hold the wispy hairs in place.

Braw Beard Oils

Then take one of the brushes, our boar bristle brush, again brush it through, getting right down to the skin. It will exfoliate the skin underneath, keep the pores clear. The bristles, they just work perfect for making the hair separate slightly and making it appear more full.
Personally I find it great, I really enjoy using it.

So yeah, beard wash, comb, oil, comb, butter, then the brush, then you’re good to go. It seems like a long process but I have long facial hair so it suits me fine, it does the job. If you’ve got short facial hair, you may only need the oil, or prefer the butter, it’s up to you, personal preference.

But that’s my routine, I hope it helps you and hopefully see you in the Brawtherhood Facebook group.

Everything I use is available in the links below…

Beard Wash
Arctic Explorer 1813 beard oil
Folding Comb
Thrilla in Vanilla
Boar Bristle Brush

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