Pomade – 75ml

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The Pomade is a versatile hair hero that can be used to slick back the hair if you’re feeling sleek, or to boast a more rugged and dishevelled look.

Perfect for classic looks – such as high pompadours, side parts or slick-back sides.

Medium shine, medium hold & versatile for your chosen style.
Washes out easily.

Scent – Bilberry.
Ever seen a man eat his own head? You just may with this, it smells that good.


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Advantages of water-based pomade –
Water-based pomades have the ability to dry and maintain any hairstyle throughout the day. Also although everyone’s skin is different, the chances of acne and breakouts are significantly reduced as the level of greasiness is typically little to non-existent.

To restyle your hair throughout the day, simply liven it up with a bit of water and adjust as you feel necessary.