Unique Braw Beard whisky barrel longboard

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We love whisky, skating and hard graft.

We have got together with our good friends at Caleb & Taylor to create a Braw longboard from oak whisky barrels.

These are made to order! Every one is unique.


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Our whisky barrel longboards are handmade in Scotland.

Made to order, lead time is 14 days turnaround and will be delivered to you after 14 days.

2 options available:

Longboard only
Handmade unique Braw longboard from whisky barrels

Complete longboard package
Handmade unique Braw longboard from whisky barrels
Industrial i4 8.25 trucks (alternative may be supplied due to stock)
Mindless 71mm longboard wheels (alternative may be supplied due to stock)

Board sizes are approximate due to crafting by hand:
Length – 110cm
Width – 21cm
Depth – 2.2cm

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