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Braw Beard

1213 – T-shirt

1213 – T-shirt

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1213 T-Shirt: A Symphony of Legacy

Music, in its myriad forms, has the power to transcend boundaries, uniting souls in a language known universally. Our 1213 t-shirt celebrates just that, while tipping its hat to the iconic NYHC music scene that's close to our hearts.

The numbers tell a story of passion and community:

  • 2012: The year Braw Beard came alive, marking our maiden note in the symphony of beard care.
  • 2013: The birth of the Brawtherhood, a crescendo of like-minded individuals bound by their love for facial hair and the rhythm of life.

This is a statement. A testament to where we've been, the beats that move us, and the community that's grown with us. Wear it as a badge of honour, a symbol of being part of a legacy that reverberates with the sound of unity and passion. Dive into the rhythm of our history, and let the world know you're a part of the Brawtherhood's melody.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Rey Wilson
Always excellent

As per usual. Braw beard came through with swift delivery of a high quality product. These shirts always grab the attention of bearded civilians whether at work or out and about. Looking forward to seeing the next designs to be added to my wardrobe.
#brawtherhood #unitythroughgrowth

Sven Alund
Nice one!

Comfortable and looking great!

Ben Cass
Love it.

Great T-shirt, love the graphics👍👍