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Longboat World Championship Race - Limited Edition T-shirt

Longboat World Championship Race - Limited Edition T-shirt

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Brawtherhood's Voyage: Viking Longboat World Championships 2023 Tee

From land to sea, we embraced the spirit of adventure and embarked on a journey like no other! The Brawtherhood made its debut at the World Championships Viking Longboat Races 2023, securing a commendable 30th place amongst 78 fierce contenders. Our valiant efforts and team spirit resonate in this very t-shirt, a memento of our maiden voyage on the tempestuous seas.

Limited Edition & Artistically Crafted This exclusive piece was brought to life by one of our own, the talented Stuart Robertson. Every detail, every curve on this t-shirt reflects our journey, our ambition, and our pride.

  • Front Design - The emblematic 'Brawtherhood' stamped on the left breast, symbolising our unity and strength.
  • Back Design - A meticulously crafted artwork commemorating the Viking Longboat World Championships 2023, bearing the signature touch of Stuart Robertson.  Drawing inspiration from the legends of Geri and Freki, coupled with a touch of the fierce Wulver, the designs beautifully capture the essence of a Longboat prow.

This isn't just a t-shirt; it's a testament to our spirit, our venture into the unknown, and our unwavering Brawtherhood bond. Limited in stock and rich in sentiment, will you let this unique piece sail into your collection? Don't miss the boat on this one!

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N K C Fraser
Beardocious attire

Basically… easy to order, arrived nicely packaged and product is great quality.