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March 29th, 2017

A’right guys? It’s John again.

Just thought I’d check in, I’m waiting on the gym opening. I’m about to head in to muay thai training and, I am not going to look like this afterwards, I never do. I’m always red, soaking with sweat and generally in a mess. So, I’m looking pretty good just now I think, the beard is looking good. Got some Arctic Explorer in just now, gave it a little brush before I left the BrawLab. And, yeah, so just waiting for the gym to open and I’ll take a wee video when I come out because it’s never a pretty sight and I’ll share it with you. See you in a bit.

A’right guys, just out the gym. Different state now, face is a bit red, dripping with sweat, beard is a mess, the van windows are steaming up. Yeah, that was a good session. So, I’ll get home, jump in the shower, get some beard wash in, once I come out, towel dry my beard, will get some Lover, some Lover beard oil in, brush that through, ready for bed. I’ll have a nice wee smell, a nice sweet smell for going to bed. Then, when I wake up in the morning, jump in the shower, beard wash in again, (then dry), some beard oil in, some beard butter on the top to hold the wispy hairs in place, then brush it through ready for another day. I hope you’ve had a good night, see you later.

A’right guys, back in the house. Just out the shower, just washed the beard with the beard wash and now I’m going to apply some Lover like I said. Here we go, just a few drops in your hands. Rub it through and then rub it through the beard. Just get it down to the roots and the underside as well. I take one of these brushes, I keep it handy. Then just brush it down to the skin. Then get the underside as well. And there you go, the beard is looking good again.

The reason I wanted to do this video was just to show you that the beard takes some abuse, especially in muay thai, like getting caught in the clinch. And we’ve got the Braw athletes like Jamie Coward and Lee Johnston who are hitting speeds of 200mph on the bikes so the wind is hitting them at 200mph, stripping the nutrients and (natural) oil off their hairs. Then you’ve got big Matt Nickerson, an ice hockey player who is prone to fighting, getting it caught in the shirt all the time. Then you’ve got the MMA guys, Robert Whiteford, Josh Tyler, their beards take abuse all the time too. So, we tailor the oil with all natural ingredients, we tailor the oil so it can deal with the abuse and gets the nutrients back in the hair and keeps the follicles moisturised. Yeah, so Braw Beard it’s all good, will keep your beard good as well. I hope that made sense.

Thanks again, cheers.
John Jackson.

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