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Taming the wispy hairs.




April 4th, 2017

A’right guys?

John again, I done another video previously about beard oil and I just noticed these bruises on my elbows, look at them from training, ‘kin brutal.

Anyway, I’m going to leave the BrawLab soon and it is windy outside.

Braw Beard
Standard Scottish weather…

Usually what I do when I leave the house is, put some beard oil on then butter on the top. So, I’ve already put beard oil on today, I am going to apply some beard butter now. So the reason for that is, it’s got beeswax in it so, basically when you’re outside, the wispy hair end up everywhere, you can just pull it back into shape. Y’know if you’re going for dinner or going for a meeting or something, you can look respectable when you turn up. Today I’m using the Chocolate Orange stuff, which, smells amazing! Do not eat it though! It smells THAT good you want to eat it, don’t though.

So there you go, that’s how much you need for a beard my size. Put it in the palm of your hand and it’ll easily melt with the heat of your hands, it’s just like butter really. There you go, melted down to an oil, rub it through again, just like you would with the beard oil. Massage it in, make sure you get the moustache as well, point it out of the way. Get the underside, that’s the good thing about having a bit beeswax as well, it’s not a strong hold but you can play with your moustache a wee bit.

Again, take one of the brushes, the boar bristle brush and just brush it through, get the underside too. There you go. Beeswax holds the wispy hairs in place as you can see, it looks quite neat and I’ll just tweak the moustache out a little bit. There we go, excellent, I’m off!

Thanks for watching, see you later.

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