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Thank you




July 1st, 2017

Braw Beard Oils

Thank YOU for YOUR support.

Braw Beard started off in 2012 as an experimental solution to dry and irritated facial hair after mountain biking.

I never expected it to gain so many fans and people I now call friends. It is has been hard work… and still is. But man, it’s well worth it.

We STILL make our beard oils by hand in Scotland. Yes, we could outsource them, but those are what started this brand and we’ll never forget that. So, as long as we can continue to produce them and meet demand, we will.

There is some cool shit on the horizon and I am looking forward to sharing that with you.

Again, I want to personally thank you for joining and supporting Braw Beard on this crazy journey.

I hope you enjoy Braw Beard care as much as we do.
Thanks for reading.
John Jackson

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