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That weekend was awesome!!




April 26th, 2017


Aright guys? John again.

Sorry it’s been a while, we’ve been quite busy. The latest show we just done at the weekend there was The Scottish Hair and Beauty Show with Mohair Barbers. We were sharing a stand with those guys and it was awesome.

The show was really busy and we had the chance to show off our new products as well which are getting released this week. On Friday they will be available. Fans of Braw have been asking for hair products, so naturally we listen and we find ones that are suitable. So it’s taken a wee while to research these ones and we’ve found some we’re happy with.

The first one up is a matt styling paste which has been getting really good feedback from barbers and bloggers as well, so there’s a few reviews kicking about of those. The pomade as well for slicking back the hair and we changed the logo slightly as well just to suit that.

Braw Beard Oils Braw Beard Oils

The show went good and the products were selling really well so far and they will be available for the public on on Friday. Speaking of which, we are running a discount as well this week, it will run out on Friday midnight. The discount is – athletes25 – and use that at for 25% off everything on the website.

The reason being is, last year we done it too, we’ve got the Braw Athletes, we sponsor a bunch of athletes and there was 4 of the guys competing at the weekend there.

Josh Tyler, MMA fighter from Utah was fighting at FitCon. He won his fight in the 1st round I believe it was, by rear naked choke.

When the athletes win or get on the podium if it’s the racers, we like to make a discount, the better the result, the higher the discount.

Josh Tyler won. Jamie Coward and Lee Johnston, they were racing down at Scarborough at the road racing, Lee came 3rd, Jamie came 4th. By the way there is going to be a good video of Jamie below in the blog, make sure you check it out, it’s awesome. View it in the YouTube app if you can, if not make sure you are up to date in Chrome or Safari, it’s one of those 360 videos, it’s very cool. The camera is on the front, you can look back at Jamie, look at the riders next to him, on the grid you’ll see Lee Johnston in front of him, I think Lee was on pole. Yeah, very cool video.

Then Lewis Rollo was racing up at Knockhill as well and he got 2nd in his races.

So, that accumulated and we decided to run a discount code as always when those guys perform well we like to give a discount. It’s going to finish on Friday midnight I believe. So yeah, that’s what we’ve been up to, the next show we have coming up will be Fort William World Cup, the mountain biking (where I broke my back), that is the first weekend in June, I can’t remember the dates exactly but it’s the first weekend in June. So we’ll be up there with the Braw Beard Experience again with Mohair and cheering on Brook Macdonald.


John Jackson

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