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Working around COVID-19

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Braw Beard is operated by one person, me. I have no staff so there is no contact with others throughout the day. As per the most recent Government statements, online retail is encouraged so will operate as normal. The postal service is still operating.

In response to the current COVID-19 Coronavirus pandemic, I am taking the following steps to ensure safety.

As always, I am washing my beard in the morning with Braw Beard Wash to keep it clean. Then applying Braw Beard oil to moisturise it.
Before leaving the house, I am tying it down like below, I figure a smaller surface area is safer when I’m out the house.


Braw Beard oils Corona 5

Once I arrive at the Lab, I wash my hands with antibacterial hand gel

Braw Beard oils Corona 7 Braw Beard oils Corona 8 Braw Beard oils Corona 9 Braw Beard oils Corona 10
The preparation and packaging areas are cleaned down daily before use with antibacterial multi surface cleaner


Braw Beard oils Corona 11
The gloves used are binned


Braw Beard oils Corona 12
Antibacterial hand gel is used to wash my hands before preparing and packing orders.


Braw Beard oils Corona 13
Gloves are worn to carry the postal bags to the collection area for Royal Mail to collect.


Braw Beard oils Corona 6

My hands are washed several times throughout the day