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Braw Beard Oil really makes a difference to the quality of my beard. Takes 2 mins to apply and comes in a perfectly sized bottle to carry around. It’s like catnip for beautiful women too…

WolverDean Reilly

DNFT & Griphouse

I never leave the house without a bottle of Braw or my beard comb. When I get off my bike its the only way I can stop my beard from being ear muffs. After using Braw for a few days you notice a change in your beard, it gets a lot softer and easier to manage.

John Sneddon

It’s great being involved with such a cool brand, all you have to look at is all the other world class athletes to see the level of the company.

Lee Johnston

International road racer

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    EBMC edition Warrior Braw Beard oil (50ml)

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    Wooden Pocket Comb

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  • Recovery Muscle Soak Bath Salts

    Relax and Recover Bath Salts – 350ml

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Do you wish your beard felt better? Softer, clean and more attractive?
This is where Braw Beard Oils help. Apply daily and let the natural conditioning properties get to work. All you need to do is apply Braw Beard Oils to your dry beard, go about your daily business and enjoy the attention.

Braw is enjoyed in barbershops in the UK, Europe and the USA. Many athletes and musicians have called Braw Beard Oils an essential item they rely on to maintain their facial hair whilst travelling the globe.

You may see a trend of adrenaline sports in our marketing, that’s where our background was built. Our product came about from trying to get facial hair back into shape after training, racing and competing. At Braw Beard Oils, we are what you see.

We do beard care.