Why use it?

One of the main reasons men give up on growing a great beard is due to the early stages, in the first few weeks, the itchiness and irritation really kicks in. This often leads to irrationally shaving off what could turn out to be a prized possession. Below are some tips and how Braw Beard Oils products can help you on your way to a braw beard.

1. Keeping your beard clean
In the early stages of bearding, you may experience irritation and discomfort as the thicker beard hair starts to grow. Hair and skin regenerate, so dead cells will flake off, causing itching. This is where Braw Beard Wash comes into its own, it is formulated for coarse beard hair and will soothe the skin, as well as washing away the dead cells and eliminating the dreaded beard itch.

2. Conditioning your beard
Like head hair, your beard needs to be conditioned if you want to keep it soft, healthy looking and itch-free. This is where Braw Beard Oils come in, their natural ingredients keep the hair moisturised from tip to root, whilst keeping the skin underneath hydrated too. They also smell great! Braw Beard Oils are applied after gently towel drying your beard from washing with Braw Beard Wash, just apply a few drops and go about your daily business as normal and enjoy the compliments.

Braw Beard Oils



Step by Step guide to growing a great beard:

  1. First thing’s first, hide your razors! Growing a beard takes time, everyone’s different. So you may need some patience.
  2. Growing a beard, however long it is, can irritate the skin underneath. It’s important to keep the skin hydrated with moisturise regularly. We recommend our all new Battle Scar Moisturiser.
  3. Keep the hair well nourished to avoid it drying out as this can slow down the process of growing the hair. One thing that can contribute to dry hair is using the wrong beard wash. Regular shampoo dries out facial hair as it needs sensitive ingredients. Our unscented beard wash is specially formulated for facial hair.
  4. Beard Oils are an important and highly recommended addition to your grooming kit when growing a beard and here’s why: Beard Oil re-hydrates your beard by replenishing the natural oils that can be lost due to harsh weather and day to day living. Keeping it well conditioned also gives a nice, healthy shine to your beard. Easy to use, apply a few drops to the palm of your hand and rub into your beard as little or as often as you prefer. All you have to do is pick your favourite scent!
  5. As you grow your beard, some may suffer from dry/ flakey skin. Do not fear, Braw is here! Using our wooden comb not only de-tangles the hair and keeps it in order, it also exfoliates the skin underneath and removes dry skin.
  6. It’s a good idea to trim you beard every now and then, to remove split ends. We recommend going to a good barber for a tidy up, or if you’re a DIY guy, You can buy specific beard trimming scissors online.
  7. Last but not least, find your style and wear it with pride. Everyone has different tastes, so try a few different things and stick with your favourite. Beard balm is a great tool for styling your beard, it tames the strays, keeps a soft hold throughout the day and moisturises the skin underneath all in one. We have a range of beard balms/butter available to shop online.

We want to see your beards! Tag us in your pictures so we can see your Braw Beard in Progress.