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The Best Beard Wash And How To Use It Properly For The Best Results

How to pick the best beard wash? Really? You get shampoo for your beard? .........yep. I'll explain why we have formulated the best beard wash. Have you tried using your partner's expensive hair shampoo for your beard? It works alright, makes it feel soft for a while, but then when he/she realises you've nicked some, you face a wrath that makes you feel like it wasn't really worth the effort. Plus, there are most likely chemicals in regular shampoo that YOU DO NOT WANT anywhere near your facial hair (or hair for that matter).

Is regular shampoo good for my beard?

No. Most high street brand shampoos contain compounds that are actually not that great for your beard. This can lead to hair damage, dryness, dandruff and beard breakage. Things to look out for are: Alcohol based products, alcohol dries out the moisture from hair and skin. This happens when you use alcohol based shampoos, but people get caught in the trap of using more to combat the dryness, not realising the damage done. You know the hungover feeling after absorbing copious amounts of alcohol hours earlier, now imagine how your hair is feeling after being doused in the shit, not ideal for growing glorious locks is it? Silicone based products, it can create the illusion of healthy, smooth feeling hair. But actually what it does is coat the hair and stops any nutrients from your Braw Beard oil penetrating and nourishing the hair shaft. If you suffocate the hair, it will get damaged and break, or fall out. Really cheap shampoo. I know, shampoo shouldn't be expensive right? But, if it's cheap, it is probably mass-produced, rammed full of chemicals to keep a long shelf life and will most definitely not be good for your hair. Cheap shampoos have been known to strip colour and natural oils from your hair. Avoid them. In 2014, Braw Beard developed their own beard shampoo. Braw Beard oils Scotland

How to pick the best beard wash

When choosing a shampoo for your beard, look for an organic beard shampoo, one that does not contain the destruction we mentioned above in regular shampoos. We chose to add aloe vera to the Braw Beard Wash, it has been known to repair dry skin, in turn reducing dandruff. It can promote hair growth while leaving it smooth and shiny (better than the silicone, right?). Also included is decyl glucoside, this is natural and biodegradable, obtained from 100% renewable raw materials such as corn and coconuts. It retains moisture in the hair and skin and is also known for reducing dandruff (better than alcohol based shampoo, right?). Braw Beard Wash is unscented, the reason we made it fragrance-free is simple. We like to give you the choice of your favourite Braw Beard oil/butter fragrance. The Braw Beard Wash sets your beard up perfectly as a nice fresh base to apply your chosen Braw Beard oil without interfering with the scent. One day you may fancy Grand Eckson 1918, the next you may want some Jarls Northman in there, we wouldn't want you to have to buy 2 different shampoos to suit.

Keep it organic

Organic beard wash actually benefits your hair and scalp, it can enrich and infuse skin cells and hair follicles with natural oils, vitamins and minerals, resulting in soft and glossy hair. It may facilitate your body’s production of oil from the glands and follicles – this oil makes your hair thicker and shiny in appearance. Unlike silicone or alcohol based products it infuses quicker with hair and scalp, and actually provides nutrients. You see where I am going with this? There are better alternatives for your beard than regular shampoo. To pick the best beard wash, look no further than Braw Beard Wash. Braw Beard Oils Scotland Fred Durst took Braw Beard Wash on tour with Limp Bizkit

Now you have the best beard wash, here's how to use it

In the shower/bath, apply to wet beard and massage in for 30 seconds before rinsing thoroughly. It won't lather up as much as conventional shampoo due to lack of chemicals to do so. Make sure your wash it all out, leaving some residue may result in irritation. Towel dry your facial hair gently, once it's dry, apply some of your favourite Braw Beard oil or Braw Beard butter.

What do I customers say?

"My big surprise though is the beard wash, something I'd not heard of till recently and seeing Braw had just added one decided to give it a go. Really glad I did, cleans right through and leaves my beard super soft, fresh and more manageable" - David Kelly "Wow! Tried the Braw beard wash last night! That shit is amazing! TOP QUALITY! Came out of the shower feeling like I had just oiled. Left my beard feeling soft, shiny and BIG. Where as other washes have left me feeling dry and needing conditioner and oil straight after. If you haven't tried it, go treat yourself, you'll no regret it. Big thanks to John and the team at outstanding work again. 10/10 💥💯💥" - Thomas Newel "This product is amazing, leaves your beard smelling looking and feeling fresh and clean and really helps condition the skin under your beard i find." - Amazon Customer "Best on the market, in my opinion. Noticeable results within a short period of time. Wouldn't dream of using anything else now." - Stephen Carson With 40 5 Star reviews on Amazon alone, many people claim Braw have the best beard wash on the market. Who are we to disagree? Thank you for reading. JJ Join the #Brawtherhood P.S. Use code – brawblog – at for 10% off Follow Braw Beard: Instagram – Facebook – Twitter – Subscribe to the Braw Beard Youtube channel for more videos. Scottish beard care. Born in Scotland, enjoyed Worldwide.
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