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After applying I was feeling more fresh.

Excellent product, excellent service

By far the best oil I’ve tried, and I’ve tried quite a few. It works really well at conditioning my beard (medium - long length) and the best bit is the patchouli scent takes me back to being an 80s goth. Winner!

Great item. Wrong size arrived but JJ happily changed it

New T-shirt

Great quality material for the shirt and nicely fitting

Grafter Braw Beard Oil
Michael Cluer
Usual excellence

Prompt delivery and usual high quality

Heather Braw Beard Oil
Ross Glanville
Soft and a healthy shine!

I only use Braw for all my beard care dailys. Was providing relief for work elsewhere and as my beard is my most identifiable feature. I was asked if I conditioned it as it looked soft and shiny "Ross with the nice beard"

Heather is great, works a treat like all the oil range does but the smell is incredible and it lasts too. Always feel great after a wash, oil and balm.

Butter me up!

Much like a lot of people in the Brawtherhood, I’ve tried many different products out there. This however is the only one worth the rave reviews. Feels great, packaging is second to none. A fantastic addition to anyone’s beard care.

All sewn up!

Another patch for the jacket. Much like their beard products, very proud to be able to support the brand and the man behind the brand.

Orange gold 🍊

I’ve ordered this particular scent over and over. For mine reason and one reason only, it’s unparalleled in its quality. Feels great, smells great. Don’t bother trying other brands, braw beards the only one worth your time.

We made our own way t-shirt

Another cracker of a design. Really good quality clothing as always. Would 100% recommend.

Love Braw Beard

Been a Braw customer for years, love the products. The service and company culture is second to none

Sweet T

Great design, super quality and comfy fit. Another awesome Braw product

Amazing product

It’s probably one of my favourites I always stock on it and the feedback is great!

Awesome Wristband

It has a really cool look. Had no problem putting it on.

What a fragrance! SO nice.

Warrior Bead Oil

The oil is of a good quality once applied it’s keeps my beard soft for about 4-6 hrs then as you’d expect the hair is dry(depends on where I am etc).

Fragrance is exactly what I was expecting and is also longer lasting than some competitors.

Over - love it and got more on order!

Unscented beard butter

Another repeat order because it's that good. I've not found anything better than (Braw) butter !!!!!

Awesome product the best beard oil around by far

Another belter!

Ooft. This one is a new favourite. Smells absolutely cracking and, as you’d expect from Braw, keeps the beard looking and feeling top notch! Cheers


Brilliant 👍

Unscented beard butter

good quality and good hold

Grafter Braw Beard Oil
Mikael Karlsson

Nice love it.

Greg Dudko
Awesome Ebook

Really good information that helped me relearn how to take better care of my beard.

Beard Butter & Brush Kit
Fraser McGillivray
First time user

Let me say right off the bat.....i never leave reviews as i`m very rarely impressed enough to do so, but i feel Braw beard Butter needs to be acknowledged.
I`ve been growing for just over two years now, and i purposely let it grow without triming it thinking i`ll shape it when it gets to a length i like. but over the last few months i`ve not really been liking it and if truth be told, on more than a few occasions i was close to cutting the whole thing off.
But after a quick message to JJ regarding a good beard barber, he also let me know about one of his product " Beard Butter " so i made a purchase along with a brush and without sounding overly dramatic, i love my beard again and thats all down to the hold of the butter, its non greasy and keeps fly away hairs in place naturally which all i was really looking for.
So to rap up this review..... Huge thanks to JJ for the info he passed on to me, and a huge recommendation from me to anyone interested in the butter. Thanks to JJ and Braw Beard Products, another beard`s been saved.
Best regards.....Fraser