Beard FAQs

Which beard butters go well with which oils?
To maintain the beard oil fragrance, I recommend using the unscented beard butter.
However I do like to mix it up too. Some of my personal favourite combos are:
1 – Thrilla in vanilla butter with Arctic Explorer 1813 beard oil.
2 – Thrilla in vanilla butter with Heather beard oil.
3 – Thrilla in vanilla butter with Grafter beard oil.
4 – Chocolate orange butter with Jarls Northman 1263 beard oil
5 – Chocolate orange butter with Anniversary 18 beard oil
6 – Chocolate orange butter with Lover beard oil
7 – Chocolate orange butter with Warrior beard oil

What is the difference between a beard brush and a beard comb?
The beard brush has thousands of bristles designed to evenly distribute the product through your facial hair. The bristles are great for exfoliating the skin too, removing dead skin preventing dandruff.
The beard comb is designed to detangle the hair. If you have been out in the wind, in bed or even finished washing, the beard hair may have snags in it. Using the beard comb will detangle the beard hair, pointing it in the right direction. The comb will glide through hair easier after applying beard oil to your beard.

How often should I wash my beard?
This varies, it’s down to personal preference. Some customers use Braw Beard Wash daily, some use it weekly. Personally I’d recommend washing your beard with Braw Beard Wash every 2 days to start with. You will notice a nice difference after the first wash!

How much beard oil should I apply?
The answer really depends on the length of beard. The longer the beard, more oil is required. To start off with I’d recommend using dispensing 5-8 drops in your hand. Add more if you feel necessary.

What does Braw Beard oil smell like?
For a quick description, check this page
For more detail, click the individual product page.

What is the shelf life of the beard oils?
Because Braw Beard oils are 100% natural, the shelf life on the label is 6 months. They will last 8 – 10 months before the scent starts to fade.

Do I apply beard oil to a dry or wet beard?
I recommend applying Braw Beard oil to a dry beard.

Can I use beard oil and beard butter together?
Yes, I encourage it. Apply Braw Beard oil first, then apply some beard butter on afterwards. the beard oil moisturises the skin and nourishes the facial hair while the butter holds stray hairs in place.

When using both do you put oil on first or beard butter first?
Apply Braw Beard oil first, then apply some beard butter on afterwards. the beard oil nourishes the facial hair while the butter holds stray hairs in place.

Are the products suitable for all skin types? *this varies depending on the product*
This varies depending on the product. If you have sensitive skin, I’d recommend using the unscented options.
We have unscented beard oil, unscented beard butter, unscented beard wash and unscented skin moisturiser.

Does the beard oil leave a greasy residue?
No, it absorbs nicely. After months of trial and error in the beginning, we got the recipe right.

Why beard shampoo rather than regular shampoo?
Braw Beard Wash is designed for use on coarse hair. The added aloe vera has been known to repair dry skin, reducing dandruff. It also adds shine to the hair.

My beard is short/longer/thin/thick, which beard oil should I use?
Any Braw Beard oil will work on every beard.

How often should I comb my beard?
If your beard is over 2 inches, I recommend combing every day to detangle the hair.
If under 2 inches, I recommend using a beard brush daily.

How often should I brush my beard?
I recommend brushing daily.

How often should I apply Braw Beard Oil?
I recommend one application of Braw Beard oil daily. Personally I apply Braw Beard oil every morning.
Some of our customers apply a little before bed too.

Are your beard care products tested on animals?

Will the beard butters hold my straggly hairs in place?
The beard butters are designed to keep stray hairs in place. See this article for more detail

Can I buy a gift voucher?
Yes, this is the link

Do you have a size guide for t-shirts?
Yes, there is a size guide on the t-shirt product pages.

What if I don’t like the smell on opening?
Get in touch and we can organise a refund or exchange.

Will it help my itchy beard?
The natural ingredients have been chosen to soothe inflammation and irritation that comes with growing a beard.

What is the difference between beard oils and butters?
Beard oil is a hair conditioner designed to keep the beard itch free, smooth and soft. Beard butter is a finishing product which has a slight hold to keep stray hairs in place.
This article may be of use

Why Braw Beard Oils over cheaper brands?
Our beard oils are handmade using 100% natural ingredients. If the product doesn’t meet my standards it doesn’t leave the building. We have build a solid reputation from thousands of happy customers. JJ.

Do I need to use it everyday?
We recommend using the beard oil every day. Every 2 days is good too if that works better for you.

Do you ship worldwide?
Yes, International shipping is available at checkout with DHL.

Will this make my beard grow?
We can’t guarantee the beard oil will make your beard grow but our ingredients are chosen for their natural properties.
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Will the oils help with razor burn?
The oils have natural anti-inflammatory properties. We have customers who use the Braw Naturel oil after shaving to soothe shaving rash.

What is the benefit of beard oil?
It is a natural conditioner that is applied to the facial hair to moisturise the skin, eliminating dandruff and irritation which allows you to continue growing your beard in comfort while leaving it soft, smooth and attractive. This article may be helpful

What sets you apart from your competitors?
I still make every bottle of Braw Beard oil.
If I am not happy with a product it doesn’t leave the BrawLab.
I personally package the orders ready for dispatch.
The brand reflects my lifestyle & interests.
I deal with customer service.
We have a solid following in the Brawtherhood which has turned into a great community and friendships have been formed within it.
We run the Braw Beard and Moustache Championships with attracts competitors from all around the World.
Braw Beard sponsor athletes in sports I have been involved with or enjoy watching. (Giving back to the sports I grew up with)
The beard oil is 100% natural.
The products are made in small batches to ensure freshness.

What are potential negatives from beard oil?
We have yet to experience any. There may be an ingredient that could cause a reaction with someone. Please check the product ingredients before purchase.