Why Use It?

One of the main reasons men give up on growing a great beard is due to the early stages, in the first few weeks, the itchiness and irritation really kicks in. This often leads to irrationally shaving off what could turn out to be a prized possession. Below are some tips and how Braw Beard Oils products can help you on your way to a braw beard.

1. Keeping your beard clean
In the early stages of bearding, you may experience irritation and discomfort as the thicker beard hair starts to grow. Hair and skin regenerate, so dead cells will flake off, causing itching. This is where Braw Beard Wash comes into its own, it is formulated for coarse beard hair and will soothe the skin, as well as washing away the dead cells and eliminating the dreaded beard itch.

2. Conditioning your beard
Like head hair, your beard needs to be conditioned if you want to keep it soft, healthy looking and itch-free. This is where Braw Beard Oils come in, their natural ingredients keep the hair moisturised from tip to root, whilst keeping the skin underneath hydrated too. They also smell great! Braw Beard Oils are applied after gently towel drying your beard from washing with Braw Beard Wash, just apply a few drops and go about your daily business as normal and enjoy the compliments.

Braw Beard Oils

Braw Beard benefits…

Imagine, you’re at a gathering, on a wee Scottish island, kilt’s on point, sporran is glorious, slain haggis in one hand, whisky in the other. You look the damage. BUT, your facial hair is rougher than a stags spuds and dumping dandruff on your shirt.

Who is going to snuggle that in the wee hours? You, just you.

Now imagine a range of products which can hook your chin up on any occassion, suitable for any facial hair. For stubble to skiffin’ rubble (scraping the floor).

This brand started in 2012 in Scotland and is currently keeping chins satisfied Worldwide.

What stage are you at?
Just starting out on your beard career?
Been bearded for a few years?
Old school? Using engine oil (yeah we can tell).

Just starting out…
Chasing people away with the prospect of a rash?? Stubble is like sandpaper. Rough as baws and flakes like sawdust.

You need Battle Scar Skin and Stubble Moisturiser. The added aloe vera will keep your skin and stubble kissable without giving away a free face rash to anyone (unless you are carrying something else…).

Been bearded a few years?
Beard oil and beard butter are your friends here. You maybe use some already, but are they natural? Alcohol and silicone based oils can do more damage than good.

Our main oil ingredient, hempseed is often misunderstood, poor wee plant.
The THC content (the good bit or bad bit depending on your views) is taken out. Leaving the glorious nutrients to work their magic on making your beard beautiful. As you stand with pride, you’ll turn heads knowing your beard is the beacon of all attention.

Old school? Not interested in ‘that shit’?
We’ve heard it before,
“I use nothing but engine oil” yep, we can tell.
“I lube mine with lady juice” suuuuure you do.

Now we’re not saying you NEED beardcare products, no-one does, they are a luxury item, but a highly beneficial one.

Braw Beard Oils

We’ve not met a person yet who wants to get it on with a wiry, stragly, stanky ass beard, not one.
Now clean that chinsulation with beard wash, apply a scented beard oil or scented beard butter and brush ‘that shit’ through… different story.

See, ‘that shit’ has MANY benefits.
1. Beard wash, all natural, contains aloe vera, hydrates the skin and softens your chinpubes.
2. Beard oil, scented or unscented, your choice. Again all natural, keeps the hair soft, clean and healthy looking. It’s like catnip for the ladies – according to WolverDean. It’s like aftershave without the shave.
3. Beard butter, again scented or unscented options are available. Natural ingredients in this powerful wee potion. The beeswax holds the wispy hairs in place, saving you from adopting stray cat whiskers. Scottish summers are famous for their beautiful gale force winds. Get back indoors and just pull your beard back into shape with the butter.
4. Boar bristle brush, these soft bristles distribute the hair evenly, giving a fuller look. Small enough to fit in your pocket too.
5. Tash wax, do you finding yourself flossing with your moustache? Apply a little tash wax and tell it to stop playing with your food.

We’re not trying to turn you into a pretty boy, shit, look at John…
Braw Beard Oils

We just want you to win life with your facial hair. Appreciate your beard as much as others do. It grows for a reason.

Now imagine, lying there, ruffled kilt, empty sporran, full belly, dregs of whisky, warm and comfy ….on a slope. Good night eh?
Why on a slope you ask? Because half the islands population got a whiff of your beard oil and flocked to your feet. The island has now tipped in your favour.

We’ll toast to that.

Braw Beard care is beneficial.