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Do I Need To Use Beard Oil Everyday?

A question that comes up often with new customers is "do I need to use beard oil everyday?" Beard oil is not an essential product, you don't need it for your beard to survive. Many companies will have you believe that you need it in order to have the "perfect beard" or that it "will make you a man", bullshiiiiiitttt.

Beard oil is a luxury product

Its purpose is to hydrate and moisturise the beard hair and skin underneath. The majority of bearded people (not everyone) that I have spoken to who have never used beard oil suffer similar issues. Beard dandruff (bearddruff), dry skin, tender beard hair follicles, irritation under the facial hair, dry and brittle beard hair for example. These issues are common amongst those who have never used a high quality beard oil like Braw Beard oil before. The issues listed above can still be suffered if you use a low quality beard oil, some companies use synthetic ingredients to prolong shelf life and fragrance which can do more damage than good. The natural ingredients in Braw Beard oils are soothing and are chosen for their benefits, one ingredient that we use for example, jojoba oil is mostly used as a moisturiser which is great for the scalp to reduce dandruff, itchiness and irritation. Another is hempseed oil which contains omega 3, 6 and 9 fatty acids which are known to stimulate hair growth. The oil promotes blood circulation on the scalp too, it’s easily absorbed by the hair which can help strengthen the hair, reducing breakages. Braw Beard oils are 100% natural and are still mixed and packaged in-house by us, we take great pride in it. As mentioned above, beard oil is not essential, but a good one is highly beneficial.
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Do I need to use beard oil everyday?

Braw Beard oil can; • soften the feel of your facial hair • reduce irritation • reduce beard dandruff • make your facial hair attractive to someone wanting to snuggle up. If that sounds appealing, you will enjoy using Braw Beard oil everyday. Personally, I use Braw Beard oil every morning after having a shower, when the skin will be warm and the pores will be open ready to be nourished. Once I have towel dried my beard, I apply some Braw Beard oil to my beard which keeps it hydrated and conditioned for the rest of the day. Some of our customers apply it twice a day, but once is ideal for myself. Everyone is different and have their own preference. Braw Beard Oils Scotland What our customers say; "First time I have used it. It definitely makes my beard more softer." - Perry M. "Great beard oil, leaves my beard very soft, will definitely use again." - Ian S. "I love it like all the Braw oils I use they nurture/nourish keep it conditioned and smell great." - Jacksson S. "First time growing a beard and using oils/shampoo. Tried a few others but after using the Heather beard oil and Braw beard shampoo I could tell the difference within a few days. Much softer, better looking beard and healthier skin. Smelt gorgeous too (the wifes comment !!). The dry skin and itching disappeared and the oil soothed the sore patches left by other washes.Highly recommend Braw products. Quick delivery & excellent customer service." - Paul G. On the odd occasion that I have missed applying Braw Beard oil that day, I definitely notice a difference in my beard. It feels rough, dry and keeps snagging on jacket/hoody zips. Braw Beard oil keeps the hair feeling soft and manageable. Applying it has becomes part of my morning routine and takes less than a minute to do. You don't NEED to use beard oil everyday but it is well worth it if you choose to. Thank you for reading. JJ Join the #Brawtherhood P.S. Use code – brawblog – at for 10% off Follow Braw Beard: Instagram – Facebook – Twitter – Subscribe to the Braw Beard Youtube channel for more videos. Scottish beard care. Born in Scotland, enjoyed Worldwide.
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