Hey ladies!

Hey ladies!

Hey ladies, how you doing?

Erm, so, the past few days I have been hinting that we have, a new product on the go for us ladies rather than the guys.

So a few of you may have seen a video I did a few weeks ago about why I steal Mr Braw's beard oil.

So with that in mind I finally got some lab time, managed to kick John out and came up with something for us.

So I wanted to introduce to you Mrs Braw's Hair Oil. Look at that beauty, isn't she, isn't she gorgeous?

Oh yes. So, after about 5 years of stealing John's I thought I might as well make something for me, well, for us, so I made it so we'll got a nice little pump - I use just one pump in the palm of my hand, rub my hands together run it through - mainly work through the lengths, the ends, the little dry bit underneath, avoiding the roots otherwise they will get a little bit greasy and that's not really a good look. Braw Beard Oils So, based on one of our bestsellers, Heather, I changed the mixture up a little bit.

So, the main basis of a lot of our beard oils is hempseed oil which is excellent for your hair but I find it just that little bit too heavy.

It also has a bit of a stronger smell than the other base oils so I upped the argan oil, reduced that so still got all the great things out our oils. It's all natural you got the fatty acids, omega 3, 6 and 9, it's going to seal the moisturise into your hair, make it nice and smooth, defrizz it.

I normally have really curly hair so I put this in before I blowdried it and heat styled it so it keeps in nice and soft, protects it.

I put a little bit on as a finisher as well. It also keeps my coloured hair nice and vibrant and I find my colour tends to last a little bit longer as well. The bonus is that it smells amazing! And you can also give yourself a little tash so you can still feel part of the beard club.

So this is available HERE, check it out, let me know what you think. Thank guys (ladies!).

Mrs. Braw

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