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The Vibrant Zinger Scented Beard Oil Anniversary 22

As someone who has tried many products, the right beard oil can make all the difference. Among the varied options, our latest beard oil, Anniversary 22, struck a chord with me. What sets this apart is its enriching ingredients and unique scented beard oil. Here, I would like to break down the components and delve into how they contribute to the beard's health and the symphonic aroma that sets it apart.

What Is In This Scented Beard Oil?

Hempseed Oil

Hempseed oil is derived from the seeds of the hemp plant and is known for its rich omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids. Numerous studies have emphasised these fatty acids in promoting healthy hair growth and combating dryness. For the beard, this means nourishment and a lustrous appearance. The mild, nutty scent of hempseed oil adds a subtle earthy undertone to the overall beard oil scent.

Argan Oil

Popularly dubbed 'liquid gold,' argan oil is renowned for its hydrating properties. It is packed with vitamin E and essential fatty acids, softens the beard, and adds shine. Argan oil contributes a gentle nutty fragrance in aroma, harmonising with other scents.

Jojoba Oil

Jojoba oil is unique in resemblance to the skin's natural oil, sebum. It’s a fantastic moisturiser for both the beard and the underlying skin. It helps prevent issues like beard dandruff and itchiness and has a neutral scent that provides a balancing base for the beard oil scent.

Vitamin E Oil

An antioxidant powerhouse, vitamin E oil protects the beard from environmental damage and helps improve blood circulation to the hair follicles. It supports healthy growth, and its odourless nature ensures that it doesn't interfere with the overall fragrance of the beard oil.


Eucalyptus adds a distinctive touch to the scented beard oil of Anniversary 22. Known for its refreshing and invigorating aroma, eucalyptus energises the senses and has antiseptic properties that can help treat minor skin issues.


Cedarwood brings a warm, woody note to the beard oil scent. Beyond its appealing fragrance, cedarwood has been found to have anti-inflammatory and antifungal properties. It's excellent for soothing the skin and adds depth to the scent profile.


The addition of Bergamot completes the aromatic symphony. This citrus fruit oil has a light, uplifting fragrance, providing a top note that refreshes the senses. Moreover, Bergamot is known for its ability to relieve skin irritation and create a feeling of joy and energy.

The result.

scented beard oil

The careful selection of ingredients nourishes and protects the beard and creates a delightful beard oil scent that’s refreshing and grounding. From the earthy tones of hempseed oil and cedarwood to the refreshing notes of eucalyptus and bergamot, this blend is a testament to craftsmanship and quality.

In my grooming journey, this beard oil has become a favourite for how it makes my beard feel but for the joy its scent brings to my daily routine. If you're pursuing an exceptional beard oil scent that complements excellent beard care, Anniversary 22 might be the perfect choice for you.

Click HERE to grab yours.

Thank you for reading; I hope it has been helpful.

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