Sore Beard? 4 Reasons Why And How To Fix It

Sore Beard? 4 Reasons Why And How To Fix It

Have you ever noticed your beard is sore? The roots may feel painful and irritated, to the point you want to shave it off.

I was there myself in the early days of growing a beard. Even at the start of running Braw Beard before I had worked out how to use the products properly. Some days the roots of my beard would feel painful and tender. As time went on and I learned more, thankfully it's never been an issue since.

Below are some causes of tender hair roots and suggestions to soothe.

Some reasons why your beard is sore.

Firstly, dry and brittle beard.
I hear & see it a lot at shows, guys saying to me they wouldn’t use beard care products because it’s not manly or that they use engine oil, yep that may sound cool, but it certainly doesn’t look cool when their chin is producing more flakes than winter.
You see, dry skin and dandruff will cause itchiness and irritation on the skin and at the hair root, this leads to pain and discomfort….and a glittery looking black t-shirt.
Using natural beard care products will help moisturise and soothe irritation, reducing itchiness and dandruff.

Secondly, wear and tear.
Your facial hair may be under strain, for instance if it is constantly in a mask at the moment. If you work in windy conditions (like Jamie racing at 200mph), or it's getting caught, pulled and scuffed like our combat athletes, or many other reasons, there will be strain on the roots. When the hair is pulled in an unnatural direction, the strain in the follicle may cause inflammation. This can take a few days to settle, however, keeping hydrated and moisturising along with brushing the hair gently will help.

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Thirdly, shampoo residue.
If you haven't washed out all the shampoo from your beard properly, the residue may dry and cause irritation. This can lead to spots, blotchy skin and flaking. Be sure to use an all natural shampoo like Braw Beard Wash.

Also, de-hydration.
Are you drinking enough water? Drank too much alcohol? If the hair roots are not moisturised enough, they will become dry and painful. Think of how your body feels during a hangover, that feeling of lethargy and craving water. If you're de-hydrated, your hair roots will be feeling that way too.

In conclusion.

If your beard hurts, consider the steps above. The majority of the time, the hair and roots are dry and need moisturised.
Also, apply a natural beard oil daily and brush regularly to keep the skin flake free.

How to often to apply beard oil

I hope this article is helpful for you.
Feel free to share with someone who may find it useful.

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