Tips for razor burn & rosacea

Tips for razor burn & rosacea

Here lies our sequel to the oily, dry skin post on Saturday, a blog of guidance for those every day woes we all tackle with and tricks of the trade that may help you battle them.


For all of you lads who’ve cut too close to the skin or shave every day you may have suffered the dreaded razor burn. It may be a savage experience however, there’s some simple little things that can make it easier on the skin. Simply apply cold water/ a towel with ice to the area which will reduce inflammation and cool the sensation. Battlescar2-510x510.jpg Aloe Vera is a great product for tackling many skin irritations as it has a cooling nature which benefits the skin greatly following razor burn. It also keep the skin well moisturised and speeds up the healing process. Battle Scar Skin Moisturiser is a fragrance free cream made from a combination of natural oils and aloe vera which is a good product to use while the skin is in recovery mode. AVOID SHAVING UNTIL THE SKIN HAS HEALED FULLY!



If you think you suffer from rosacea, first step is to consult your doctor. They can hopefully help find a cause and prescribe medicine to help tackle this skin type. Here’s some helpful tips that might also help with mans every day grooming and dealing with this annoying condition. To understand rosacea a bit better, it’s often a case where the skin has a loss of moisture and water which can lead to inflammation around the cheeks, nose and forehead areas of the face. It’s often hard for people to pinpoint what causes outburst of rosacea but some have been noted as alcohol and rich, spicy foods.. some of the greatest things in life! Do not fear, maybe doing your research could be fun! Streamline2.jpg
  • DAILY ROUTINES WITH ROSACEA First, Clean your skin thoroughly to remove dirt and additional irritants and then let it air dry.
  • It’s been tried and tested that using an electric razor is better for men with rosacea as it’s gentler against the skin while trimming the hairs. A blade can irritate the skin further and prevents adding razor burn to the mix.
  • Using a shaving cream can prevent friction, add moisture to the skin through the process and stop that dreaded hair pulling. Check out Braw Beards own Streamline Shave Cream
  • Dermatologists have written many features on how moisturising is key for soothing the skin during times when rosacea has flared up. It is also said to be a great preventative of associated symptoms such as burning, stinging and itching. By building a moisture barrier the skins surface will keep out impurities and irritants that can further aggravate the skin. It’s best to try a skin patch test before committing to a moisturiser to make sure you find the perfect match for you skin. Be sure to stay away from fragranced products and focus on ingredients such as natural essential oils to maintain a healthy balance in the skin.
  • Apply a small amount of sun screen daily as the SPF can protect your skin against sun rays which has been found to be one of the most common triggers for rosacea.
In our next feature we’ll be continuing to look at products that can be used alongside other issues such as ACNE, SUNBURN & ECZEMA. Any questions you may have, fire them over to us online and we’ll be happy to help out! I hope the advise given helps you live your lifestyle with a bit more ease with your grooming routine! by Felicity Pearson PS. Use code BRAWBLOG at for a discount!
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