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Which Beard Oil Should I Use and Why?

Some things I have found myself searching online for an answer to are; which beard oil should I use? Aren't all oils the same? Does it really matter, past smelling nice? I mean, beard oil is beard oil right? Nope! There are so many different kinds out there and the market is saturated with options now. So it is very easy, and understandable, to feel overwhelmed and confused with what choice to make.

Not all oils are created equally

Not all oils are created equally, especially from brand to brand. But even when they are made by the same company, the ingredients can vary to give you different results. For example, the difference of one essential oil in place of another can change the way it benefits you. Let's first focus on probably the most important factor to consider when picking any oil or brand of beard care. That being its source. Simply buying an oil from your high street shop/supermarket will not have the quality you will get elsewhere. The reason for this is that local and mass shops want to stock products that have long shelf lives. This is cost effective for them in regards to stocking and selling. However, the benefits of long shelf life often come at a cost to the people using the products. Those products tend to be loaded with synthetics, artificial and un-natural oils, scents and preservatives. Anything in those categories aren't (normally) good for any part of your body, the hair on your face being no different. A lot of the artificial ingredients, silicones for example, act as a shiny coating, like a gloss film. Covering the beard and making it look and feel pretty nice for the short term. However these aren't effective in the long run. Something tends to happen after repeated use of these oils and coating the beard with this 'film'. The natural oils, proteins, nourishment and moisture your beard produces/receives, are then prevented from getting in and helping. This can cause your beard to dry out and feel rough which isn't nice. It can lead to other more severe negative effects as well, including becoming brittle and falling out more than naturally expected. Another result of regular use of these types of oils, is excess itchiness and sores under the beard. And then what happens? People apply more, with the train of thought "it made my beard look great before, it will work again". This creates a vicious cycle resulting in an annoyed and confused person, sporting an unhealthy beard. It can even lead to that person giving up and shaving their beard off all together!

All that drama can be easily avoided

Okay, so that sounds a bit dramatic, but it does happen more often than you may think. All that drama can be easily avoided, simply by using a product that is from a specialised source. "So now that I know what's bad for my beard, what is good? Which beard oils SHOULD I use?" I'm glad you asked inquisitive stranger! Something to always look out for is a product made entirety with natural oils. A good point also worth remembering is a beard and the skin underneath, need to breath! The follicles that grow your hair are made of living tissue. So like all living tissue, it needs a good mixture of air, moisture and nutrients among other things to thrive. Using a beard oil that is made from balanced base and essential oils can provide the nutrients that your skin and hair need. But at the same time, doesn't make a 'film' that covers it, allowing your beard to be naturally healthy. Braw Beard oil Scotland

Which beard oil should I use?

At Braw Beard, every single beard oil is made entirely with natural base & essential oils. Each beard oil produced has been made using a slightly different combination, giving you a wide range of options. This does the hard work for you, so that you know any oil you pick is going to be beneficial. It also leaves you with only a couple of choices to make. One being, which scent preference you have or want to try. (My favourite scent at the moment is the Anniversary 18). The other being, if you have specific essential oils you want to be benefiting from. So that was the big answer. The simple answer is, use an oil that still smells nice but is made of completely natural ingredients. Just remember, there's no miracle product that will make your hair grow like a fertilised lawn. But by simply switching from a high street brand to a brand that cares will make a huge difference. Your beard will thank you for it by being soft, healthy and shiny. It will also grow fuller and thicker. Braw Beard oils Scotland In a final note, I know some of you will be wanting more information on what is in some of the Braw Beard Oils. For those that are, please follow this link to another article - My article is a follow up and based on this one. Which fills you in on what's specifically in some of the range of oils offered. Also covering what those ingredients do to aid in your beards health and growth. I also suggest looking for upcoming Braw Beard Oil events. This way you can go for a day out at the event, and check out the Braw Beard stand. Here you will see a range of the products as well as meeting the man behind the brand. He will even let you smell some of the scents before buying. Full details of all upcoming events can be found on the BrawBeardoil Facebook page. I hope that helps answer which beard oil should I use? Thank you all for reading Conor Gillies P.S. Use code – brawblog – at for 10% off Follow Braw Beard: Instagram – Facebook – Twitter – Subscribe to the Braw Beard Youtube channel for more videos. Scottish beard care. Born in Scotland, enjoyed Worldwide.
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