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Inside Information On Beard Growth

A topic that we see often pop up online is people asking "why is my beard not growing?"

There are a couple of interpretations of this, why can't I grow a beard vs why has my beard stopped growing.

Firstly, let's assume someone is trying to grow a beard for the first time.

Why is your beard not growing?


Unfortunately genetics play a huge role in whether someone can grow a beard of not. If your father and grandfathers had the ability to grow great beards, there is a high probability that you can too.


Have you given it time? On average, beard hair grows at a rate of around 1.25cm per month! It takes a while to accumulate a strong beard.


Eating a healthy balanced diet will help you get essential nutrients which can help fuel hair growth. A balanced diet will reduce the chances of having a micronutrient deficiency which may lead to stunted hair growth. If your diet could use some improvement, see the help of a qualified nutritionist.

Avoid smoking

Smoking can have a damaging impact of hair health.

Why has your beard stopped growing?

Has it really though? It may feel like it has stopped completely but in reality it is still growing.

There are 3 life cycles which the hair goes through as briefly explained below:

Anagen phase
This is the growth phase which on average can last between 2 – 6 years, or more in some cases. As mentioned before, genetics plays a large part here. If you naturally grow hair fast, you’ll have an awesome beard in a shorter time than other people. If you grow hair slowly, that’s totally fine, just be patient, good things come to those who wait n all that.

The key to growing a great beard is patience and regular maintenance. Everyone seems to want things instantly these days, taking useless supplements to chase results. Slow down and enjoy the journey. On average, hair will grow 1cm every month.

Catagen phase
This is the stage where the hair has stopped growing but stays embedded in the follicle, just chillin’, kinda showing off and enjoying the view. Behind the scenes, a process is taking place that cuts the hair off from blood supply and the cells that produce new hair, this phase lasts around 2 weeks. Then that hair enters the telogen phase.

Telogen phase
This is the phase where a new hair is born and replaces the old dead hair by pushing it out. This is where the anagen stage begins all over with the new hair.

Every individual hair goes through the 3 stages of beard growth at a different rate, this is why you will find random hairs on your desk or dead hairs in your comb/brush. They have been shed through the telogen phase and new hairs are entering the anagen phase.

Braw Beard oils Scotland

How long does each phase take?

Anagen – 2 – 6 years (occasionally much longer).
Catagen – 2 – 3 weeks.
Telogen – 3 – 6 months.

As you can see from above, there is a high chance it is still working away in the background. Everyone will reach terminal length at some point, it varies for each individual person but my advice would be to take a selfie once every month and compare photos, hopefully you will see a difference.

Tips to encourage beard growth

A consistent beard care routine

Keeping up a good beard care routine with high quality products will help too.
• Washing your beard keeps it clean from dirt and grime which can block pores and prevent hair growth. Read more about beard wash HERE
• Using a good beard oil will keep the skin under your beard moisturised to prevent dry skin and irritation. It will also leave your beard feeling soft and smooth. Read more about beard oil HERE
• Combing will detangle any snags. This will reduce the chances of tugging hair which can damage or remove hairs. Read more about combs HERE
• Beard butter can also be used as a moisturiser for the skin and hair. It is a styling product but has great skin benefits too. Read more about beard butter HERE
• Brushing daily will help reduce snags too but also exfoliate the skin below to keep pore clear. this will give them the best chance of growth. Read more about beard brushes HERE


If you’d like to read more about my daily beard care routine, check out THIS ARTICLE

Drink plenty of water to hydrate your hair follicles. They need hydration for optimal performance because dehydration will stall hair growth. Read more HERE

Consuming a balanced diet of good nutrients can promote hair growth, however a bad diet can lead to hair loss. Read more HERE

Exercise increases blood flow, it can also increase testosterone which promotes hair growth. Read more HERE

I hope this short article has helped, as I said at the beginning, genetics are often the issue, but there are some tips in this article that may help too.

Thank you for reading.
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