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We've put together the most comprehensive guide to growing a confidence-boosting beard. This guide contains the exact methods we’ve tried and tested for 11 +years, in helping guys ditch the awkward ‘face fuzz’ and developing the kind of beard they can be truly proud of. 

If it’s worked for us (and our 33,000 customers,) it will work for you!

Simple methods to control straggly hairs & soften the feel of your beard, without weekly trips to the barbers, or eye-wateringly expensive oils and waxes.

How to choose the right products for you, so you can have a magnificent mane in as little as 90 seconds, without wasting time and money on products that don't work.

The 1 thing most men get wrong with beard care. Don't do this unless you’re happy with a weak, pathetic beard.

Walk Into A Room With Confidence Knowing Your Beard Is On Point.

38 Pages Of The Best Kept Beard Care Secrets, Developed After Helping 33,000+ Guys Keep Their Beards Looking Fresh, Clean And Sharp Since 2012.

Regain Confidence

How to eliminate beard dandruff (beardruff) so you no longer worry about face to face encounters.

A Step Ahead

We uncover the ingredients that make our beard oils so effective.

Soothe Your Skin

How to soothe inflammation to extinguish beard itch.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews

It is very informative, and it has helped me loads with my beard routine. Thank you

Greg Dudko
Awesome Ebook

Really good information that helped me relearn how to take better care of my beard.

T.W. Archer

The Ebook was pleasant enough to read. It's very concentrated on its' subject (as you would expect) , but overall informative and quite amusing. I also ended up reading in a Scottish accent. Don't know where that came from.
Regards T.W.Archer.

William Aucoin

Good stuff

robert stanley
Spot on

Delivered quickly and the products are awesome. The way they conduct themselves is also brilliant