5 Reasons Why Beard Oil Is A Must Have

5 Reasons Why Beard Oil Is A Must Have



Hey, it's JJ from Braw Beard, and today we're back with another video talking about five reasons why beard oil should be part of your beard care routine.

First up, I know what you're asking. If you've never used beard oil before, you're going to be wondering, what the hell is beard oil? Something that you've never really needed before.

Why do I need beard oil now?

If you've grown a beard for a long time, you might be thinking, why do I need beard oil now?

Well, beard oil does make a big difference to your beard. There are so many different kinds of beard oil out there now. There's a lot of companies jumping on the bandwagon, mass-producing it, filling it full of chemicals to sit on a shelf in a supermarket waiting for you to buy it. Unfortunately for you, if you do buy that, there's a good chance it's going to do more damage than good.

See, when it's filled with preservatives and chemicals to extend the shelf life, they can dry your beard out, making it sticky, greasy, you get spots underneath.

So, if you've tried one of these beard oils that you bought off a supermarket shelf, and it has a list of ingredients on the back you cannot pronounce, and it's a long list of ingredients, there's a good chance of stabilisers and preservatives in there.

I don't like beard oil, it doesn't work well for me

If you tried using those, there's a good chance you felt your beard feel a bit sticky or greasy, or you have got irritation underneath your beard. And there's a lot of people come to Braw Beard off the back of trying these cheaper beard oils and say, 'I don't like beard oil, it doesn't work well for me, it irritates my skin.'

Whereas when you use Braw Beard oil, which is 100% natural and designed to actually be beneficial for your hair and your skin underneath, they notice a huge difference.

So, beard oil in general is a moisturiser. It's a moisturiser for the skin, but it's also a moisturiser for the hair. There's a lot of conflicting information out there, people saying it's just for the hair or it's just for the skin. It's not, it's for both. It keeps the skin moisturised underneath, keeps it soft and supple, but it's also for the hair as well, keeps the hair soft and conditioned.

So let's jump into the five reasons why you should use beard oil.

Number one, keep the skin moisturised underneath. Like I just mentioned, if it's 100% natural like Braw Beard oil, the ingredients have been chosen specifically to moisturise the skin without causing any irritation.

So when you take your bottle of Braw Beard, this is Anniversary 20, it's a brand new bottle, so I'm going to break the seal here.

Anti-drip lids

There we go, screw the lid off. The lids we put on it are anti-drip lids, so if you knock it over in the bathroom, you're not going to lose any product. That's one of the things, you get pipettes and you get different types of caps that if you knock them over in the sink in the bathroom, you're going to lose all your product because it'll spill out, but not with these. These are anti-drip lids.

And then you put your hand out, dispense a few drops in, like dispensing ketchup. I put quite a lot in because I've got a big beard, but the size of a 2 pence piece, rub your hands together for full even coverage over your hands, and then just rub it over the hair and massage it into the skin. Man, that smells good. That's ginger, lavender, and rosewood in that one, that smells really good.

See, cover the hair as well, cover all the hair underneath, get it down to the skin. Like I said, that is 100% natural, so it's designed to condition the skin, condition the hair, and moisturise the skin. 


Benefits of a beard brush

Next I take either the comb, I've already combed my beard today. The comb is really for detangling but the brush works really well for evenly distributing the product.

Brush that through. In brushing that through evenly distributes the product to ensure the beard gets even coverage. It also adds a bit volume to the beard because it separates the hair out.

There we go, get that like that and then pull it into shape.

Full transparency here, I'm looking down there because there is a mirror so I am getting my beard looking good for the video. There we go. So, the beard does have a little bit of hold, or Braw Beard has a little bit of hold as well, so it gives a good shape.

There you go, step number one is, or reason number one is, for moisturising the skin and getting it down there. This keeps the skin supple and soft, allowing the hair to break through the skin.

As new hair grows, it breaks through the skin. If your skin is dirty and clogged and the pores are clogged, there's a good chance the hair will hit the dirt and grime, and then instead of going out through the skin, it points to the side, and that's when you get ingrown hairs because the hair is growing back into the skin. It gets really, really painful.

So, using Braw Beard oil keeps the skin soft and supple and moisturised, allowing the hair to break through as normal and continue growing.

Eliminate Dry Skin

So, while we're on the subject of skin, number two, reason number two is it keeps the itchiness and irritation away. So, keeping the skin soft and supple and clean keeps the irritation away.

As I say, it stops a dirt and grime buildup that can cause spots and boils and sores and ingrown hairs. So, by doing that, applying the beard oil to the skin, it's working like a moisturiser, like step one said. But if you use the brush as well, as evenly distribute the product, it gets down there, and the thousands of bristles exfoliate the skin as well.

So, if there is any dirt or grime in there or dry skin, using a brush is going to help push it out and exfoliate the skin. It's going to push the dirt or the dry skin or whatever it is through the hair and onto the brush. You've got hair there, but it gathers in the brush that you can go and wash your brush.

So, that's another reason. Step one, moisturisation. Step two, keeps itchiness, irritation, and dry skin away.

Condition your facial hair

So, number three, it keeps the hair conditioned, keeps the hair nice and soft, keeps it looking healthy as well. It gives that nice wee shine. Braw Beard is not designed to give it this glossy shine because there's a lot of stuff, there's a lot of products out there that do that, and it just looks odd against your skin. You got super glossy hair. So, we add a little bit of shine to it. It's mostly a matte kind of look.

However, it is designed to keep the hair soft and conditioned. The reason being, one of the main issues people face with growing a beard is it feels dry and straw-like. Now, I know some people might be thinking, what's wrong with it looking like straw, it still looks good. Yeah, it maybe looks good, but it doesn't feel good.

So, if the beard is soft and supple, there's less chance of snagging, getting it caught. If it's dry and wiry and straw-like, it's easy to get caught on like a zip or caught your finger, and it really hurts when it pulls because when the hair's soft and supple, you can run your fingers through, and it just flows. It just goes through the fingers. It doesn't snag.

Whereas if it's dry and brittle and coiled up, when you do that, it will catch and pull the hair. Now, when it pulls at the hair, it can damage a follicle. If it's damaged a follicle, the hair can fall out, or it can turn into an inflamed follicle, which is really, really painful.

So, reason number three is about making the hair look and feel good.

Confidence building

The reason number four is confidence. I know that sounds crazy, right? Why does beard oil give you confidence? It does. You know your skin is feeling good, so you're not going to be scratching, itching every time. If you're having a face-to-face conversation with someone, the last thing you want to be doing is scratching at your beard. It just makes you look dirty.

So, knowing that your skin is taken care of, it feels comfortable, it doesn't feel itchy and irritated, it just feels like your skin, it feels nice. And secondly, you want your hair to be looking good. You want it to be in shape and just have a nice shine about it.

The last thing you want when you're talking to someone is their eyes going up down your beard, wondering. That messes with you in the conversation. You want to be making eye contact, and you want them to be making eye contact back at you. So, when you're talking, it's the conversation you're worried about. You're not thinking, what are they looking at? Are they looking at my hair? Is it dry? Is there a bit of dirt in it? Is there a bit of food in it? If you've used beard oil, you brushed it through, you know your beard is clean, and it looks good.

So, there you go, benefit number four is about confidence. You can walk about knowing that you just look good.

Your beard will smell incredible

So, benefit number five is your beard smells amazing. That's it. It's along the lines of the confidence thing, alright, but it does, it smells really, really good. It's like aftershave without the shave, or as Dean Reilly, one of our athletes, says, it's like catnip for women.

We take great pride in the fragrances that we build for Braw Beard oil. Now, they're built from essential oils. As I said before, Braw Beard oil is 100% natural. I make the fragrances up myself from essential oils, which come from plants, and I do them in different ratios to get the right fragrances.

We've got sweet fragrances, we've got minty fragrances, wood fragrances, spicy fragrances. There's a variation out there that I've built over the years, over the last 11 years, so there should be a fragrance for everyone there. We even have an unscented one for those who are not keen on fragrances.

However, the fragrance you choose, you just know it's going to be smelling good because it's natural. You can take a bit of pride in knowing that it's made from plants as well. There's no harsh chemicals in there like perfumes and aftershaves that could irritate your skin.

It's all natural, and they're done in the correct ratios to ensure that they're safe for use. Like all our products, everything is safety assessed and regulated. There's a lot of companies out there who skip that step, who just put a load of fragrance in, and it can actually be damaging.

Yes, essential oils are 100% natural, but if they're used in the wrong quantities and the wrong ratios, they can actually be damaging for your hair. However, we have that knowledge to ensure that that is not the case.

The five reasons to use beard oil:

  1. Moisturise the skin, keep it clean.
  2. Reduce the chances of irritation, spots, boils, sores, and ingrown hairs. Get it right down to the roots to make sure it's making a difference.
  3. Keeps the hair in great condition, some shape, but keeps it looking good as well.
  4. Gives you that little bit of confidence when you're walking about or when you're talking to people. You just know your beard looks the best it can look.
  5. If you're getting close and personal to someone, you just know you smell good too.

At the end of this video, I'm going to leave some customer testimonials. If you want to watch them and read through them, cool. If you want to read more, head over to the website. CLICK HERE to take you to a review page where all the customer reviews are. If you want to look at them before making a purchase, read them, and you can make up your own decision.

Right, I'm going to go. Stay safe, look after yourself, and I'll see you in the next one. 

Grow and enjoy.

Thank you for reading; I hope it has been helpful.

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