Becoming The Famous Guy That No-One Knows - The Braw Beard Story - Pt 5 of 6

Becoming The Famous Guy That No-One Knows - The Braw Beard Story - Pt 5 of 6

6 Part Series. Becoming The Famous Guy That No-One Knows - The Braw Beard Story - Pt 5 of 6

Getting To Know JJ In More Depth.

I have always secretly wanted to make a name for myself. 

But I never wanted to be “Movie star” or “Politician” or “Professional football player” “get-stalked-by-the-paparazzi” famous. 


I wanted to be the famous guy that nobody has ever heard of. 

You know… the kind of guy who can go to a motorcycle show or a tattoo convention and get recognised by Brawthers, loyal customers who have been fans of my products for years now… 

…and then be able to walk into a coffee shop two streets away from the convention and not have a single person know who I am.

Being famous… in a wee arena… only to my Brawthers... suits me just fine.  

I’m only interested in the kind of recognition that is EARNED daily as the result of being of service in a way that a distinct segment of people greatly appreciates. 

And as the result of slamming my head into a boulder on a wet trail at Fort William, I’ve been afforded the opportunity to do this. 

Succeeding By Accident…

I started Braw Beard in the year 2012 and in spite of me having no previous experience running a business at all… in a rather short period of time… to my great surprise… it has slowly but surely become a brand enjoyed worldwide. 

Do you know how crazy it was for me to have had Fred Durst, the lead vocalist for the band Limp Bizkit, invite me to visit him in the States and explore LA as the result of us meeting because of a beard oil I developed that is genuinely helping him every day of his life? 

Fred Durst - Limp Bizkit

Never in a million years would I have expected this to occur. 

After that happened, if you had said…

“You’re on your way John!!! It won’t be long now until professional fighters, professional athletes, actors, bike racers, skateboard professionals, models, pro wrestlers, and many others will want to be proud ambassadors of what you created. 

“And after that happens just imagine how easy it’s gonna be to get your company logo to be prominently displayed on Jamie Coward’s crash helmet within 3 Isle of Man TT Playstation 4&5/Xbox/PC video games…” 

…I would have looked you dead in the eyes and asked you what you’ve been smoking. 

But it wouldn’t have been long until your vision of what was possible for me would’ve proven to be justified... 

Jamie Coward sent me his 2017 Arai helmet as a gift which is extra special because it is the one we photographed for the Isle of Man TT Game. It’s still peppered with flies and stone chips from racing.

I’m incredibly blessed to have these supremely talented individuals showing their support for Braw Beard.

Back in my racing days when I was stuffing my own little personal stash of beard oil into my kit bag, I would have never imagined that someday there would be something called the Brawtherhood – an ever-growing community of beautiful humans who all share two things in common… 

  1. An appreciation for beards/facial hair along with the results that my products produce for them and…
  2. A love for the Braw Beard scene

The original Brawtherhood gallery on the old website.

Braw Beard is now associated with UK tattoo conventions, mountain bike, and motorcycle events.

I have appeared on the front cover of a local magazine, done several interviews in more widely known magazines, newspapers, live TV, and video.

It is the classic “Small village boy made good” tale come to life. 

And none of this would be possible without people like you and all the rest of my Brawthers who support this mission I’m on. 

This is why every day I’m grateful for the fact that you trust me with your facial hair. 

I hope you enjoyed that.
Thanks for reading.

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