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Braw Beard

Beard Butter & Brush Kit

Beard Butter & Brush Kit

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Braw Beard Brush:

  • The Touch of Nature: A robust bamboo handle paired with medium-strength boar bristles - an impeccable balance ensuring your beard and the skin beneath are treated with the gentlest of touches.
  • Craftsmanship: A meticulously curved design ensures the brush fits comfortably in your hand, making grooming feel less like routine and more like ritual.
  • Elevate Your Grooming: Our bristles promise not just to detangle but to distribute your favourite Braw Beard products with unparalleled precision.
  • Signature Elegance: The handle proudly sports the Braw Beard engraving, signifying your investment in authenticity and unparalleled quality.

Braw Beard Butter:

  • Nature’s Best: Crafted with natural ingredients known for their nourishing properties, ensuring your beard looks and feels its absolute best.
  • Performance & Aesthetics: While the soft texture ensures easy application, its hold capabilities guarantee those unruly strands are kept at bay, preserving a natural look.
  • Deep Nourishment: Dive deep into care, from the root to the tip. Our improved recipe ensures your beard isn’t just styled, but it's nourished and revitalised.

For optimal results, apply a small amount of the Braw Beard Butter to your facial hair, and with the Braw Beard Brush, ensure even distribution. Experience the magical combination of hold, nourishment, and an impeccable look.

Ingredients: Mango butter (mangifera indica), coconut oil (cocos nucifera), cocoa butter (theobroma cacao), avocado butter (persea gratissima), shea butter (vitellaria paradoxa), beeswax (cera alba), vitamin E (tocopherol). Parfum in Thrilla and Keepin'.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 27 reviews
Fraser McGillivray
First time user

Let me say right off the bat.....i never leave reviews as i`m very rarely impressed enough to do so, but i feel Braw beard Butter needs to be acknowledged.
I`ve been growing for just over two years now, and i purposely let it grow without triming it thinking i`ll shape it when it gets to a length i like. but over the last few months i`ve not really been liking it and if truth be told, on more than a few occasions i was close to cutting the whole thing off.
But after a quick message to JJ regarding a good beard barber, he also let me know about one of his product " Beard Butter " so i made a purchase along with a brush and without sounding overly dramatic, i love my beard again and thats all down to the hold of the butter, its non greasy and keeps fly away hairs in place naturally which all i was really looking for.
So to rap up this review..... Huge thanks to JJ for the info he passed on to me, and a huge recommendation from me to anyone interested in the butter. Thanks to JJ and Braw Beard Products, another beard`s been saved.
Best regards.....Fraser

Tom Boutwood
Awesome stuff!

Got the killa vanilla butter and brush. The butter is great, emulsified really easy and adds some hold. Growing the beard out longer so needs taming at this stage and this has done a great job! Love the brush as well, awesome stuff! My Braw Beard hat from a few years ago is still my go to aswell!

Billy Mckay
Brushy McBrusherson

I’m sorry I haven’t used my citrus beard butter yet although it does smell lovely.
I use the wee beard brush everyday and it’s great to handle and lovely and sturdy but soft to use. Just right for my gorgeous auld face.

Michael Tennant
Butter and brush!

Amazing products, bit pricey compared to other brands but does have the premium feel so worth the money.
Would love this to be made into a whipped butter and in a bigger size!

Daniel May

Both the vanilla beard butter and brush are great, functional and smells so good that I don’t want to leave the house without putting it on, would recommend.