How Beard Oil Became An Obsession In My Life - The Braw Beard Story - Pt 4 of 6

How Beard Oil Became An Obsession In My Life - The Braw Beard Story - Pt 4 of 6

6 Part Series. This Is How Beard Oil Became An Obsession In My Life - The Braw Beard Story - Pt 4 of 6

Getting To Know JJ In More Depth.

It took months of my life and a LOT of money to perfect my beard oil recipes. 

The only reason that it didn’t take years and tens of thousands of more pounds more to get my beard recipes to the point where they met my exacting standards was because of all the blunders and discoveries I’d made while creating massage and hair oils. 

If determination wasn’t my thing, I would have thrown in the towel early on as the process of refining and testing my formulas over and over again to make sure they consistently did what people like you wanted them to… in the shortest amount of time… was a torturous process. 

After becoming completely sold on my formula, I finally started to give my oil to friends who raced mountain bikes… to family… and friends who had beards.  

The confidence that I’d gained from seeing the awesome results these people were getting from using the oil and from hearing all the praise I was receiving is what inspired me to entertain the idea of actually selling it. 

Not one to shy away from an educated risk that came with an opportunity to be of service, I started the process of legally turning this into a product. 

I got it safety assessed… insurance… built a website and I finally put it on the market.

So yeah, that’s how Braw Beard came about. 

The main reason I wanted to tell this story is to help you see that Braw Beard is not some soulless, faceless corporate brand jumping on the beard bandwagon. 

I’m just a guy from a small village in Scotland who let a random set of circumstances in my life open a door for me to make a living while making life noticeably better for a broad audience of kindred souls who I feel lucky and privileged to be able to help. 

I hope you enjoyed that.
Thanks for reading.

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