How to apply beard balm the simple way

How to apply beard balm the simple way

So you've got your hands on some beard balm/butter and possibly now staring at it, wondering how to apply beard balm? Beard balm/butter is a solid state product. Scrape a pea sized amount out of the tin, heat it up in your hands then apply the liquid your facial hair. It has a slight waxy element designed to hold wispy and stray hairs in place. We also use it to train hair over time, which we'll explain later in this article.

Beard balm/butter is a styling product, use it to give your facial hair a slight hold, keeping hairs pointing in the right direction. In the heat of your hands, the product melts to a liquid, which is easily distributed throughout your beard by massaging it in, in the same way you would with beard oil. Rubbing it down to the roots and skin will help keep dry skin, dandruff and irritation at bay too.

Once the balm/butter cools down on your beard, it will provide enough hold to tame the stray hairs but still feel soft to the touch. It took us a while to get this ratio right with Braw Beard Butter (our version of balm) but we've got it nailed now.

How to apply beard balm

It is a very simple process with very effective results. First scrape a pea sized bead out with the back of your nail. Place it in the palm of your hands. Then rub them together to melt it down, then massage throughout your beard. Make sure you massage it down to the skin under your beard too. Braw Beard Butter is a great moisturiser.

We like to brush afterwards with the boar bristle beard brush which even distributes the product from root to tip. The bristles separate the hairs from each other adding volume to the beard, making it appear fuller.

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What ingredients are in Braw Beard Butter

Mango butter – packed full of antioxidants, vitamins, saturated and mono saturated fats, it’s perfect for those who suffer dry and irritated skin under their beard. The emollience of mango butter seals and protects the hair strand.

Coconut oil – moisturises dry hair, prevents breakage and split ends which can help maintain length. Coconut oil can also stimulate hair growth by penetrating the follicles.

Cocoa butter – again a great hair moisturiser. It has been known to strengthen hair and add volume while making hair more manageable.

Avocado butter – originally used by the Egyptians to promote hair growth and strengthen hair, we had to add this, they build the Pyramids, so they know what they are doing. Avocado butter controls frizz (and wispy hairs), it works very well to nourish dry and brittle hairs, preventing damaged and split ends. This butter is full of proteins, amino acids and vitamins which promote healthy hair growth.

Shea butter – has been known to reduce dandruff, redness and irritation underneath the beard without clogging the pores.

Beeswax – rich in antioxidants, beeswax is a great conditioner for the hair whilst providing hold and can be used to style the hair. This is great for holding wispy and unruly beard hairs in place. As you can see from that list, we chose the Braw Beard Butter ingredients for a good reason. They work very well together!

How to apply beard balm to train hair

As I mentioned earlier, we use Braw Beard Butter to train the hair over time. Personally I used it to train my moustache to point to the sides, rather than drop into my mouth.

Every morning, I'd apply Braw Beard Butter to it. Then brush outwards, from the middle of my lip, outwards to my cheek.

The moustache now sits in a nicer shape than it used to which allows me to eat without chewing hair. I also used to have a natural fork in my beard as shown below.

Using Butter daily, brushing inwards from the sides to the middle has trained the hair to sit better, filling the gap.

These techniques are not 100% all the time. Somedays you just have a bad hair day, but they've worked for me.

I hope this has helped explain how to apply beard balm and given you a little more information too. 

Thank you for reading.
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