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How to use beard wax the right way.

You may have heard of beard wax, you may have not. At shows we have been asked regularly how to use beard wax. To be honest, the term beard wax can be covered by a variety of products now. Although, beard wax would cover a product that is used to tame and/or style a beard. Like a moustache wax but usually softer, easier to apply to a larger area. Braw Beard Oils

Types of Beard Wax

Soft beard waxes (like our beard butter) are used to tame wispy hairs, whilst still leaving the beard feeling soft and smooth. Firm hold beard waxes are used to aggressively hold facial hair in place. If you have unruly beard hair and it won't tame, a stronger wax may be required. The problem with these waxes is, they usually leave the hair feeling sticky and not nice to touch. It may have the opposite effect of what you are hoping if you are out to impress a special someone. However, if you are aiming to turn your beard into some crazy shapes, a strong beard wax is for you. Then you have a whole range of products to suit in between.

Our Findings and Solution

At Braw Beard we tried and tested lots of different products and recipes when trying to create our perfect product. Every beard wax we tried, left our facial hair feeling waxy and unattractive. It left a waxy residue on pillows and collars, which sometimes left spots on our skin. After trial and error, we came up with a recipe that suited our needs. Because it felt softer than beard wax, we called it beard butter. It contains beeswax still, but in an amount that is just right to hold wispy hairs in place but yet still leave the hair feeling soft. I have a natural fork in my beard and one of the main targets for our recipe, was that it held my beard in shape to fill the gap. It does. We live in Scotland, a windy country, so our focus was to make a product that can return the hair to a natural looking style. Once indoor after being outside in the wind, just pull your beard back into shape if it has Braw Beard Butter in it. Walking to the ice rink... Inside, 5 mins later, all I had to do was run my hands over the beard a couple of times.

How To Use Beard Wax The Right Way

Although there are different versions of beard wax on the market, the application for how to use beard wax is usually the same. Scrape a small beard of wax out with your nail, place it in the palm of your hand, with the other hand, rub your palms together (not your fingers, you'll be there all day). The heat generated from your palms will melt the wax to a state ready to apply. If using Braw Beard Butter, it will melt to a liquid. If using a strong wax, it will melt to a softer wax. Then once the product is distributed on both palms, gently rub it on your beard, running your hands from roots to tips to maximise coverage. Make sure to get the underside too. Once the beard butter is in your beard, take a boar bristle brush and gently start to brush, again from root to tip. The thousands of bristles will evenly distribute the product throughout the facial hair, also making it appear fuller. Now you will have tamed wispy hairs and your beard should be sitting nice. We have found the recipe for beard butter to be ideal for most situations. However, some of our customers have applied a very small amount of Freestyler Matt Hair Paste to facial hair that is too stubborn to sit.
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I hope this has helped explain how to use beard wax and it helped you on your bearded journey. Don't just take it from us though, here's what customers said... "Still the best product on the market." Josh Dickens-Hayman - Thrilla in Vanilla Beard Butter "My man swears by this stuff! X" Erin McNeill - Thrilla in Vanilla Beard Butter "When I get off my bike its the only way I can stop my beard from being ear muffs." John Sneddon - Thrilla in Vanilla Beard Butter Thank you for reading. JJ Join the #Brawtherhood P.S. Use code – brawblog – at for 10% off Follow Braw Beard: Instagram – Facebook – Twitter – Subscribe to the Braw Beard Youtube channel for more videos. Scottish beard care. Born in Scotland, enjoyed Worldwide.
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