Tips for oily skin, dry skin and irritation

In this feature I’ll be looking at various conditions that men battle on a day to day basis, that can effect your skin and the health of your beard.

Hopefully, by the end of this you’ll have learnt some key tips to maintaining a great grooming routine with the right products. When writing features on the products themselves, I always stress that Braw Beard Oils are handmade from natural oils. This is super important as it is the foundation to Braw Beards selling point.

John carefully selects the right combination of oils to ensure your skin is well nourished and that your beard has the appropriate balance of oils to grow healthily. Everyone lives a different lifestyle and each of us tackle various factors that effect our skin/ hair. Here are a list of predominant issues that the majority of people at some point in their life face and ways in which to find a healthy balance.



An issue we all deal with in different areas of our life, whether it’s work related, family related or overall just day to day pressures. The emotional pressures we face effect our skin and hair and here’s how: OILY SKIN High levels of stress increase your cortisol levels leading to develop oily skin. Your sebaceous glands go into overdrive which produces excess oil on the surface of your skin which can in turn create spots and blemishes. The last thing you need when you’re stressed.. Basic advice everyone is told when dealing with stress is to get plenty of rest, work out regularly and eat a healthy and varied diet. Tips to consider, however, we’re here to deal specifically with use of products!

Washing your skin with the right soap is vital in good skin care. Trying to maintain a healthy beard with oily skin may seem a bigger task than it truly is..

Braws Beard Wash is a specially formulated organic shampoo that will not lather as much as conventional shampoo. This is great for minimalising skins irritation as a lot of products are fragranced and have extra oils that can do more harm than good. Natural oils are the best in maintaining the skins natural balance and creating a foundation in which the skin can endure additional product for your beard itself.

Oily skin isn’t necessarily going to be impacted by the use of a beard oil, however, I’d advise using a beard butter. This is less intrusive into your pores. Braw Beard Butters can be as effective on it’s own as it would be after applying Braw Beard Oil. Simply apply a small amount onto your finger, melt the Beard Butter in your hands until a liquid then run your hands over and through your beard. It will moisturise your skin underneath but with it’s wax base it won’t seep into your pores causing excess oil. The small amount for use also means it will nourish your beard, help with styling and not spread beyond the facial hair.

Follow up with: Braw beard brush to even out the hairs giving a full look.



Did you know that the way you shower effects your skin & beard? Showering for too long strips the skin of it’s essential oils. Hot showers have the same effect on your skin! Who knew?! Not only that, the products you use can majorly impact your skin and cause irritation, dandruff and dry/ cracked skin. Soaps & fragrances irritate the skin and cause more damage in the long run. Our products combat these issues and provide the health benefits needed with having a wash. Again, using our Braw Beard Wash is an essential to your grooming kit. A lot of wash products available in stores are designed to be used on the scalp, not the sensitive skin on your face. Regular shampoos don’t eliminate the beard dandruff, it can actually exaggerate the problem with irritation and itching. Always read the instructions folks.. or in this case, the ingredients! Top Tips for keeping fresh Moisturise right after a shower as your skin is most in need of oil replacement. We’ve got you covered.. Battle Scar Skin Moisturiser. Braw have created a light fragrance free moisturising cream containing natural aloe vera which is exceptionally good as a moisturiser. In slightly more extreme cases of dry skin, aloe vera is known to contain ingredients that are known to stop pain and itching which is a bonus! Next, depending on the length of your beard, Apply a few drops of your selected beard oil to your beard and apply evenly through the hair ensuring you’ve got a good coverage to spread out the oils. Massaging into the beard will encourage the oils to reach deep into the root and hydrate the hair follicles. After that, apply a beard butter to moisturise your skin replenish the oils. Beard butter also tackles itching caused by dandruff. For best results, see the Braw beard brush to comb through the hair and remove any dandruff that may be underneath the hair. SideOn-510x510.jpg These simple steps will give you healthy soft skin and a glorious beard! NOTE TO SELF: Exfoliator may remove dead skin however, using too much can further irritate the skin so be sure to use small amounts if necessary. ITCHING During key stages of your beard growth, itching is a result of the hair reaching new growth levels and irritating your skin. Our products moisturise the skin so that the beard can grow with you having to suffer itchiness, redness, and dandruff. TODAYS BRAW FACT 481644017.jpg Exercise reduces your stress levels through the release of endorphins which will further improve your skin. Even a few hours a week will have a great impact on your health and give you a natural glow to your skin and beard. + BE SURE TO MAINTAIN A DAILY CLEANSING ROUTINE FOR FULL EFFECTS OF PRODUCTS RESULTS. Any questions you may have, fire them over to us online and we’ll be happy to help out! by Felicity Pearson Use code - BRAWBLOG - at for discount!
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