Why Mrs Braw steals my beard oil.

Why Mrs Braw steals my beard oil.

Hello, I just thought I'd do a little video rather than trying to explain this.

A lot of people, especially when we're at stands, when we have the Braw Beard Oils stand at shows, ask me why I know so much about the beard oils, also why I use it coz I use it as hair oil so obviously it's great for beard hair so why shouldn't be good for head hair for women, men, llamas, whoever.

So the stuff, the ingredients that we use are all natural so really good stuff for your hair and skin, such as hempseed oil, argan oil, vitamin E oil, jojoba oil - anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, it's got all the essential fatty oils that you need, erm acids, such as omega 3 and 6. It also contains no alcohol - everything is organic and really good for you whereas a lot of big companies, the main ingredient is often alcohol which, whether you drink it or put it on you will incrementally dry you out therefore your hair starts getting drier and frizzier then you keep using more and more of their products and they also put chemicals in there that aren't great to have on your skin and also just there to preserve their shelf life.

So, I am using Lover at the moment, well, John's using that for his beard. So I just take a few drops, rub my hands together, now obviously my hair looks pretty rubbish at the moment as I was using THIS as a demonstration.

So I tend just to rub it through. I don't get too close to the roots as I don't want oily roots but I make sure I get right the way down to the ends and try to stop it frizzing and because I've got really curly hair I often get little baby curls which just kind of look like really long beard hair, well, really long pubes actually, they're pretty nasty. So yeah, that does look much better, especially because I've got naturally curly hair and I dye it, it's not always this sort of Ribena colour it just helps keep it in better nick.

Braw Beard Oils I also often use our beard butter, erm, not on my beard as I don't have some massive hormonal issue, erm, but I use it on my skin as a skin moisturiser. It's really good for your cuticles, I rub it into my elbows it'd good for heels and ankles as well and that stops all the potentially nasty bits looking quite nasty.

So yeah that how I know so much about it is because I also make them. We've done all the research. So yeah I hope that helps, this is looking much much better now. As I said you can put it on dry or towel-dried hair and leave it to dry naturally. It would also act as a protector if you want to put it on and blowdry, straighten, heat tong your hair or you can put it on afterwards as a finisher, just to keep it nice and moisturised, defrizzed, nice and shiny as well!

Erm, so I hope that's helped and hope it's answered some questions and if you actually do have any questions, feel free to get in touch with me.

Thanks, bye!

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