Where to buy our beard oil & the best options

Where to buy our beard oil & the best options

I often get asked where to buy beard oil. At parties, gatherings or even walking down the street, I get asked about my beard.
Mostly it’s compliments, sometimes it’s negative or abuse (don’t worry, I have my comebacks), we all get it at some point.

But those who show interest usually end up asking about maintenance, the length of time it took to grow, can they touch it etc. The chat always comes back to beard oil, because honestly, it works. It does it’s job, if my beard didn’t look good, the topic wouldn’t have been raised.

The conversation will usually finish up with the person asking where to buy beard oil.

We have a few options available via stockists or online. If they are NOT listed on brawbeardoils.com/stockists/  it may not be genuine.


Where to buy beard oil – offline

One of the good things about buying offline is you can usually try the product before buying, ideal for trying new scents.

As mentioned above there is a full list at https://brawbeardoils.com/stockists/ but below are some of our featured stockists to check out.

Glasgow, Scotland.

Braw Beard Oils Scotland - mohair

Mohair Men’s Stylist – 73 – 77 Trongate, Glasgow G1 5HB
 Men’s hair stylists & barbers in Glasgow city centre is arguably the best place for a man’s haircut in the West of Scotland. They pride themselves on being more than just a barbers.

For over a decade their experienced staff have been tirelessly working to get men’s hair looking its best. Mohair’s solid team have got you covered whether it be cutting & styling, shaving, beard shaping, colouring & more technical services, they do it all! They even have a barber school!

They also offer professional tips and advice to help you keep it that way. If you are unsure, just drop by and have a talk about your needs.

Mohair stock the full Braw Beard care range, with some of the clothing and accessories too.


Edinburgh, Scotland.

Braw Beard Oils Scotland
Photo – Rikki Morgan

Orbit Smoke Barbers – 2 Craiglockhart Drive South, Edinburgh EH14 1HZ
Orbit Smoke is one of the most popular barbers in Edinburgh, they don’t work on appointments, they work on word of mouth.
When you visit the shop, you will clearly see why there is a queue, the atmosphere is always fun-filled and you’re treated like family.

Their haircuts and beard trims are so good that the Edinburgh Beard and Moustache Club call this place home.
Orbit Smoke also offer training if you fancy becoming a barber.

Orbit Smoke Barbers stock the majority of the Braw Beard care range.


Musselburgh, Scotland

Braw Beard Oils Scotland

Eskquire Barbershop –  41A Eskside West, Musselburgh.
Eskquire are a traditional style barbershop, with knowledgable staff. It’s always a good fun atmosphere in here and the quality of barbering is outstanding. Their reputation is growing as well as their shop, Eskquire Barbershop in Prestonpans in now open too.

Eskquire stock the majority of the Braw Beard care range.


Tranent & Haddington, Scotland

Braw Beard Oils Scotland

Hoi Barbers – 83 High St, Tranent EH33 1LW & 6 Court Street, Haddington
Hoi Barbers have been established for over 14 years in Tranent and now in Haddington. They offer advice on haircuts, beards and which products are best suited to your style. It’s always a great atmosphere in the shop too and their work is top class, so much so that we asked them to represent Braw Beard at one of our shows.

Hoi Barbers stock the majority of the Braw Beard care range.


Sunderland, England

Braw Beard Oils Scotland

East Coast Inc – 82b Sea Road, Fulwell, Sunderland, SR6 9DB
East Coast is one of my all time favourite barbershops! They have been fans of Braw Beard since we started out. We have had many parties in their shops over the years.

They have been in the barbering industry for 22 years and have extensive experience in vintage, rock and roll, mod, new school and long hair styles. The fact that they love and live the music, culture and fashions of the fore mentioned genres gives them passion and drive to do what they do.

The quality of barbering in East Coast is top class, they have rightfully built a solid reputation from their work. They even had to expand to meet demand AND the new shop has a music venue and their own Torque Bar attached!! If you are in the area, check East Coast Inc out.

They stock the majority of the Braw Beard care range.


Where to buy beard oil – online

Where to buy beard oil


That’s it really. We sell on Amazon, but they all get dispatched from the same place, Braw Beard HQ.

The good things about buying online? We have the FULL range of everything Braw Beard, our blog HERE has a wealth of knowledge inside with articles answering frequently asked questions. If you don’t live near one of our official stockists, we can have your products shipped to you well within 48hrs (UK orders).

So there are good reasons to buy online & offline, when people ask where to buy beard oil, naturally I point them to brawbeard.com   But I do tell them to check out the stockist page incase they have an official Braw Beard outlet near them. If the person is new to beard oil, then they can sample some at a shop.

I hope you have enjoyed this article on where to buy our beard oil.
Thank you for reading
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