Got a thin beard? Is it stressing you out?

Do you have a thin beard? Are you happy with how it looks? If you are happy with your facial hair, you're welcome to stop reading now. I wanted to write this article to those who unsatisfied with their thin beard and offer some tips and advice.

How to make the most of a thin beard.

Ok, so firstly, facial hair grows at a steady pace and like all hair, it goes through 3 cycles which I'll explain below. If you are just starting to grow a beard for the first time and it's looking a little thin, patience can be your friend here. Facial hair grows on average at a rate of 1.25cm per month, that's not a lot really when you look at a ruler. I always recommend taking a selfie on day 1 of your beard journey, 1 at the end of month1, end of month 2 and end of month 3. By the end of month 3, you should have a decent bit of growth there, roughly 5cm/2 inches. This timeframe should give indication if you are going to have a thin beard or not. As I mentioned above, hair goes through 3 cycles which sees the hair grow, stay present then shed, ready for regrowth. Here are the 3 stages explained:


This is the growth phase, it can grow for 2 – 6 years (or more in some cases). How fast your hair grows is down to genetics, if you naturally grow hair fast, you’re looking good for a great beard in a shorter amount of time. If your hair grows slowly, that’s ok too, just be patient, it will come in time. Good things come to those who wait n all that.


This is the phase when the hair has stopped growing but stays embedded in your follicles, just kinda sitting there showing off.


This is the phase where a new hair is born and replaces the old hair, pushing the follicle out. Then the anagen phase starts all over with the new hair. The hairs go through the cycles at different rates, this is why you will often find beard hair on your desk on in your comb/brush, they have went into the telogen phase and are being replaced, don’t worry, it’s natural. However, poor diet, stress and a number of other things can cause hair to fall out. If you have any concerns outwith normal shedding, consult your doctor.

Tips to consider with a thin beard


Often a thin looking beard can be caused by shaving the neck up too close to the chin. If you are looking to achieve a full looking beard, we recommend not shaving any higher than you Adam's apple. Keep growing there to add bulk to you beard, this will help make it look thicker.


If your beard is thin on the sides, consider shaving the sides lower like below. thin beard Photo by Chris Blonk You can see the hair is thicker near the jawline than it is on the cheek so shaving the thin hair off will give the beard a denser look.

Blocked pores

Dirt and grime can block pores, preventing the hair from growing outward. Instead, it will grow inwards resulting in an ingrown hair which can be really painful. Read more about ingrown beard hairs HERE Using a Braw Beard Brush will help exfoliate the skin beneath, clearing the dirt and dry skin away which will allow the hair to grow as intended.


Genetics play a part too, some people just have naturally thin beards and they rock it beautifully. If you have been growing for several months and are still not happy with your facial hair, consider a visit to a good beard barber. They will be able to offer shaping and styling advice when they see your beard. There are countless adverts out there for beard growth products, there is no such thing as a magic pill for hair growth, but natural beard care products and a good grooming routine can provide the best opportunity for growth over time. I hope this article has helped give some tips on thin beards. Thank you for reading. JJ Join the #Brawtherhood P.S. Use code – brawblog – at for 10% off Follow Braw Beard: Instagram – Facebook – Twitter – Subscribe to the Braw Beard Youtube channel for more videos. Scottish beard care. Born in Scotland, enjoyed Worldwide.
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