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Never Shave For An Interview. Here's Why.

Luckily times have changed and beards are accepted more in the workplace today. However, we still get questions from people, "should I shave my beard for an interview?"

If facial hair is part of your identity, then you should not shave for an interview. That said, it is worth checking the company culture first, there are some roles that do require a clean shaven face for wearing fitted masks for example. But let's assume you are applying for a role that does not have any special requirements.

Your beard is a way of expressing yourself which gives you confidence, so we want that thing looking its best.

Having a beard for an interview.

Have you been letting your beard go wild during lockdown? This may be the first job you are applying for since before the pandemic hit so you want to make an impression. As well as job skills, the interviewer will most likely be looking at how you present yourself to see how you will fit into working with the rest of the staff. Confident and a bit rugged is going to beat lazy and disheveled.

Let's prepare

1 - If your beard is very unruly, consider a wee trip to the barbers to get a tidy up. Perhaps line the cheeks, the neckline and snip off any split ends.

2 - Get your facial hair looking it's best by washing it first with Braw Beard Wash. It's our unscented beard shampoo, which has aloe vera added and is made with organic ingredients. This means it helps reduce dandruff while cleaning your beard effectively. You will have smooth, soft and manageable facial hair, ready for some Braw Beard oil conditioner.

3 - Once your beard is dry, applying some Braw Beard oil conditioner which has only natural ingredients, chosen for their beneficial properties.
These ingredients nourish the facial hair from root to tip, so that you can have an attractive beard that will not itch or leave dandruff on your shirt.

4 - Comb or brush your beard to evenly distribute the product through for maximum effect.

5 - If your beard is bushy or longer than 1 inch, consider using Braw Beard butter which is a styling product designed to gently hold wispy hairs in place.

Braw Beard oils Scotland

Once last tip

It is worth taking a brush in your pocket with you just incase you need to neaten up before stepping into the interview.

Now go get that role. Good luck!

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