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How to grow a long beard with realistic results

One thing that we get asked often is how to grow a long beard. We get emails almost daily asking for the best beard growth products. There is no magic pill or fancy elixir that will provide quick results. It doesn't exist, no matter what some Facebook adverts will have you believe...

Like most things in life, good things come to those who wait. Patience and perseverance are key to growing a great beard.

Davie Wallace's beard here is a 5 year investment.
Braw Beard Oils Scotland

How to grow a long beard


On average, facial hair grows at approximately 1.25cm per month. If you're looking to grow a long beard, you're in for the journey. Many people get disheartened after 3 weeks of growing when they don't see the results they imagined.

The advice I have given for years is my 3 month rule. Take a selfie on day 1 of your journey, then another at the end of month 1, another at the end of month 2 and then end of month 3. You'll notice a difference. Going by the figures earlier, there will be just under 4cm of facial hair there. Genetics do play a part unfortunately too, not everyone can grow a huge beard, BUT everyone can try.

Have a goal in your mind of the beard your are aiming to achieve and keep growing.

The 3 phases of hair growth.

Everyone varies in the speed in which they can grow hair. There are 3 phases in the hair cycle, which we will briefly explain below.

This is the growth phase, it can grow for 2 – 6 years (or more in some cases). How fast your hair grows is down to genetics, if you naturally grow hair fast, you’re looking good for a great beard in a shorter amount of time. If your hair grows slowly, that’s ok too, just be patient, it will come in time. Good things come to those who wait n all that.

This is the phase when the hair has stopped growing but stays embedded in your follicles, just kinda sitting there showing off.

This is the phase where a new hair is born and replaces the old hair, pushing the follicle out. Then the anagen phase starts all over with the new hair.

The hairs go through the cycles at different rates, this is why you will often find beard hair on your desk on in your comb/brush, they have went into the telogen phase and are being replaced, don’t worry, it’s natural.

Can't grow a beard How Long Does It Take To Grow A Beard how to grow a long beard
Micheal Legge's 6 year beard.

How to grow a long beard - perseverance

There are things you can do to give your beard the best opportunity to grow faster. Looking after your health, skin and facial hair will get you off to a good start.

Maintaining a healthy diet, drinking lots of water and keeping active will help by increasing blood circulation which carries nutrients through your bloodstream to hair follicles. A healthy nutritious diet can fuel a better beard. A vehicle will not perform properly if you put the wrong fuel in it.

Beards make great discussion tools, so naturally you will hear lots of different opinions on how to look after your beard.
Many old school guys will say just leave it be, that’s fine if you have naturally soft hair. Most people don’t and it becomes dry, itchy and tender.

Braw Beard care can help

Over recent years, men have become more willing to try grooming products in the search of enjoying their facial hair and managing it easily.
That’s where we come in, we recommend using a natural beard wash (found here) in the shower or bath.
After gently towel drying the facial hair, apply a bit of beard oil (found here) or beard butter (found here) then gently brushing through.

The natural ingredients combat dry skin, reduce irritation and make the beard soft and smelling great! Ideal for when someone wants to get close!

As we’ve said before, beard care products aren’t essential, but they are highly beneficial. At the time of writing this, we have 471+ 5 star reviews and counting.

We have specifically chosen our beard oil ingredients for their natural benefits, you can read more HERE.

Braw beard Scotland
JJ's beard at 4 years of length.

I hope this article has helped answer how to grow a long beard.
Growing a long beard takes time, but it's well worth the journey, let Braw Beard join you.

Thanks for reading.
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