It’s Here: Easy care for specific beard types.

It’s Here: Easy care for specific beard types.

Beards are not one size fits all. So why should the care for them be? In this short article, you can learn about beard care for specific beard types. Whether your beard is curly, straight, or patchy, you will not be left without advice.

Beard care for specific beard types

Curly beard care.

First, accept your curly beard. Don’t fight it. You cannot change your beard type, so you may as well wear it proudly. Forced straightening will only damage your beard.

Just as you would with other types of beards, it is important to keep on top of your beard hygiene:

• Wash your beard regularly! Use beard shampoo or shampoo designed for curly hair. Avoid using regular hair shampoo as it will strip away your beard's natural oils and dry it out.

• Condition! Apply beard conditioner regularly to soften your beard. This will help reduce that unattractive frizz that usually walks hand in hand with an uncared curly beard.

• Moisturise! Curly beards tend to be drier than straight ones, so moisturising regularly (preferably daily) is even more critical if you aspire to be the proud owner of a curly beard. You can try this unscented beard butter to achieve this.

• Brush gently! To avoid breakage in your beard, do not be aggressive with the brushing of your beard. Start from the root of your beard and work your way to the tips but be careful of pulling or tugging the hair. This Braw Beard brush is the perfect tool for this.

• Trim regularly! To avoid split ends, trim your beard regularly by visiting a professional barber or learning the proper techniques yourself.

Straight beard care.

Straight beard might be easier to manage than curly beard, but this does not mean that you can neglect beard care practices.

• Wash regularly! Cleanse your straight beard regularly using a mild beard shampoo. This will help to remove dirt and excess oil keeping your beard clean, fresh, and attractive.

• Condition! Regularly apply beard conditioner to keep your straight beard moisturised and soft. This will prevent dryness and add a smoother texture to your beard.

• Moisturise! Even though straight beards may not suffer from dryness as much as curly beards, it's still important to keep them moisturised to ensure that charming look to your beard.

• Brush regularly! The right beard brush will help to distribute natural oils, prevents knotting, and keeps your beard looking neat.

• Trim regularly! Visit a professional barber or learn to trim it yourself using quality beard trimming tools. Trimming will remove split ends and give a nice shape, giving your straight beard a well-groomed appearance.

Patchy beard care.

As you might have read in the Truth: Will Odd Beard Patches Fill In? - Braw Beard Oils article, patchy beard requires some special attention. Even though it might be more difficult to care for than straight or curly beard, it is not impossible.

• As you would with curly or straight beard, wash, condition and moisturise your patchy beard.

• Maintain overall health: Ensure you're maintaining a healthy lifestyle, including a balanced diet, regular exercise, and sufficient sleep.

• Brush or comb regularly: Brushing or combing your patchy beard can help distribute natural oils and stimulate blood flow to the hair follicles, which may promote healthier growth. As some reviews mentioned, the use of BrawBeard brush resulted in a fuller look of customers’ beards. So, you might want to give it a try.

• Embrace shorter lengths: If your patchy areas are more noticeable at longer lengths, consider keeping your beard shorter. Trimming it shorter can create a more even appearance and minimise the visibility of patchy spots. You can do this by visiting a professional barber or learning how to do it yourself.

As we are coming up to summer, it is important to acknowledge how damaging sun UV can be for your beard, regardless of its type. So, in the upcoming months keep your beard protected with Braw Beard oil and beard balms.

Thank you for reading, I hope it has been useful.
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