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Truth: Will Odd Beard Patches Fill In?

Beard patches are not something everyone is proud of. They might even entirely discourage you from growing a beard. Will the beard patches fill in? Or it’s entirely up to genetics?


Yes and no…

It is no secret that genetics play a huge role in the length of time you need to grow a full beard and affect the patchiness you’ll need to deal with.

It is, however, not the end of the world if you didn’t get the best beard genetics. You might just need to wait longer if your beard is patchy. I know…this doesn’t seem like a great solution but sometimes, patches only appear because some areas of your facial hair grow slower than the rest. But if 2 months have passed and your beard is still patchy it is understandable if you question whether your beard patches will ever fill in. Don’t worry, there is still plenty you can do.

Food and beard patches.

No kinds of food will fill in your beard patches miraculously. But some food will increase your DHT hormone (promotes the growth of facial hair) and your testosterone:

Leafy Green Vegetables
Nuts and Seeds
Meat within bounds

You can read more about the relationship between these hormones and the recommended foods HERE.

Hydrated skin

Hydrated skin - among its many other benefits – also can help with filling in beard patches. If your skin is dry, it won’t have the necessary nutrients to help your beard grow. So, what can you do to have a hydrated skin?

Drink plenty of water (around 2 litres a day).
Condition with facial hair conditioner Braw Beard Oil > read more about the importance HERE.
Wash and towel dry.
If beard patches don’t fill in– keep it trimmed

If you are past the 2 months mark, tried all the recommended food, have hydrated skin but you still have a patchy beard, then I have bad news for you. It is possible that the patches will never fully disappear. Luckily, there is still something you can do: visit a barber. If your beard is trimmed evenly, it will look neater and less patchy.

Darker beard looks less patchy

Even if you tried everything but your beard still looks patchy, don’t lose all hope just yet. You might have realised when admiring other men’s beards that dark beard always seems fuller. So if your beard genetics just refuse to fill in the patches, just dye it a darker shade! It may look less patchy.

So, will your beard patches ever fill in?

Even though beard genetics have a huge impact on the patchiness of your beard (along with lots of other things), you can still fight for a full beard. Be patient, eat food that promote DHT and testosterone hormones, hydrate your skin. However, if all fails, just visit a barber to have it evenly trimmed and/or dye it a darker shade.

Thank you for reading, I hope it has been useful.
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