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Outstanding Tips I Found From Growing A Beard

Hindsight is a great thing eh? There are plenty of things I wish I knew in the early days while I grew a beard. Like that old saying, "if I knew then what I know now I would be...", I'd probably have an even BIGGER beard! But hey, you learn as you go along don't you. Braw Beard started in 2012 and there weren't many beard care brands or much information out there, we had to learn the ropes as we progressed. But this journey built the brand as it stands today and I wouldn't change it for anything.

To give you a shortcut, let me share 5 things I wish I knew while I grew a beard.

1. It takes time. When I was younger, I didn't understand patience as much as I do now. I wanted a big beard as fast as I could. I'd get frustrated when it looked like it wasn't growing (it was, just not quick enough haha). I know now that beard hair grows at roughly 1.25cm per month so it's a long journey. Just enjoy the ride. The advice I give out now is, take a selfie at the end of every month and see the progression. You'll be impressed. 2. Visit a good beard barber for a tidy up. I'm not convinced by the advice that trimming hair makes it grow faster, personally, I don't think it does, but that's just my opinion. But what I do recommend is, visiting a good beard barber for a wee trim every few months (or more if you prefer). The barber will offer advice on shape and style to suit your face and growth rate. Beards can grow at an uneven rate on each side so a fresh tidy up may help you feel great and boost your confidence. There are lots of great barbers out there who specialise in beards, Google is your friend to find your local one, check the reviews first. The barbers I recommend from personal use are Mohair, Orbit Smoke Barbers, Hoi Barbers and East Coast Inc. Braw Beard Oils Scotland

3. Have a consistent beard care routine.

Before Braw, I never paid any attention to my beard, because I didn't know any better, I assumed it was meant to be scruffy and itchy. But since I made the first bottle of Braw Beard oil in 2012, I have used beard oil almost daily. I say almost because back then I was lazy with it. Over the last few years though, I have used it EVERY morning without fail and I notice a huge difference. To read more about my daily beard care routine, check THIS ARTICLE or THIS VIDEO. 4. The beard community If you are not involved in the beard community, I know, I know, it sounds like a strange cult but it's the very opposite. Throughout the world there are hundreds/thousands of beard clubs and communities ranging from Facebook groups to regional gatherings. Social media can be a toxic place these days but beard clubs are very welcoming and are a great place to meet likeminded friends. The Facebook groups are a great place to ask for advice on beard care and share some stories. Regional beard clubs are a great place to socialise and make new friends. The great majority of beard communities to exceptional work for local charities which is something special. We have our own community for Braw Beard customers called the Brawtherhood. Search google for your local beard club and get in touch with them to get involved. Likewise, search Facebook for beard communities too and join. grew a beard

5. Beard and moustache competitions.

Again, these are a great place to meet new friends and socialise. There are several beard competitions all over, the largest being The World Championships which is held every 2 years. We have our own in Scotland called the Braw Beard and Moustache Championships. These events are great fun for everyone (some allow under 18s, some don't so check first). If you want to compete for fun, you can, if you want to take it more serious, you can. Or if you want to just come along to watch and enjoy the spectacle, you can. If you haven't made it to a beard and moustache competition yet, make sure to put it on your bucket list! I hope you have enjoyed this article. It's some things that I wish I knew as I grew a beard early on, enjoy the process, do what I can to get the best realistic results and embrace the scene. Thank you for reading. JJ Join the #Brawtherhood P.S. Use code – brawblog – at for 10% off Follow Braw Beard: Instagram – Facebook – Twitter – Subscribe to the Braw Beard Youtube channel for more videos. Scottish beard care. Born in Scotland, enjoyed Worldwide.
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