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Reliable Winter Beard Care. This Is What Works.

With winter fast approaching, now is the time to ensure you have a regular beard care routine in place. I know it sounds daft but there is a good reason to have a winter beard care routine sorted.

The cold, dry and windy weather can wreak havoc on facial hair.

Braw Beard oils Scotland winter beard care

The cold weather may dehydrate hair, leaving it feeling brittle, dry and weak. This can lead to hair breakages and also tender follicles.

Windy conditions obviously pull the hair away from your face. At the roots, if you have damaged, tender follicles, this can lead to weak hair falling out under pressure.

Also, after being out in the wind, it may be tempting to pull a comb through your beard to detangle it. Be careful in this situation because there is a high chance the wind has caused knots and snags in your beard. I'd recommend applying a little beard oil first before combing. The beard oil will lubricate the hair and allow the comb to glide easier as you gently comb through. Don't comb aggressively, this may cause hair to snag and pull out. A few gentle sweeps will soon detangle your beard safely.

Braw Beard oils Scotland winter beard care

With the bad weather dehydrating and stripping natural oils out of your hair, it is worth using beard oil more often throughout the day to keep it in top condition. Don't apply more than usual on each application, stick to your usual amount per application otherwise it may feel greasy. But apply more often throughout the day if it feels dryer than normal due to the weather.

Beard butter is a great product to use in winter conditions because the thicker butter consistency stands up to the elements. Plus, when you get back inside, the wax element helps you easily pull your beard back into shape.

To find out what my beard care routine is, it's available HERE

With your chinsulation taken care of, Braw Beard also have restocked the winter clothing range.

Hooded tops (with a hood designed to accommodate the big beards)

Long sleeve t-shirts

Braw Beard Oils Scotland

Winter hats

Braw Beard oils Scotland winter beard care

Beard covers

Braw Beard oils Scotland

Stay warm this winter

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