The crash site where is all began

The crash site where is all began

Alright guys.

We’re up at Nevis Range at Fort William for the British Downhill. We’re just standing watching the bikes, been walking down the circuit, down the track, and I’ve found the section where I fell off in 2011 and broke my back and that’s what led to the Braw Beard Oils story.

Basically, if you don’t know it, I was racing here, well, I was due to race here and I was in a practice 2 weeks before the race. Fell off, went through this rock section and fell off and crashed into a big rock. Took the impact through the top of my head and broke my back. So, I was just going to show you that section, they don’t use it any more, they’ve changed it, they have a wee jump over the river now , erm, but I found the section so here it is.

So you’re coming down through this rock section here, pretty wild, pretty wild, and it was pretty wet at the time, lost control on these rocks, went over the handlebars and crashed into that big fucker there. Took the impact through the top of my head and crushed my vertebrae.

So, ended up in hospital and then, from that, that’s just some riders going past now, from that, started making massage oils when I was taught sports massage therapy, massage oils then hair oil then beard oil. And then that led to what is now Braw Beard Oils. So yeah, I just thought I’d give you a chance to see that while I’m here and I shall catch you later.

See ya!

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