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Do You Find Mondays Unbearable? Fix That Now.

Do you dislike Mondays?

Why? Monday has done nothing to you and Mondays have been around waaayyy longer than you.
Monday is not the problem, it's your perspective.
Your perception is a reflection of you.
The key to changing your mindset is to stack small daily "wins".
How is this done?
The first step can be as simple as writing a list. Number each task in order of importance and tick them off as you complete the task.
It's amazing how satisfying it feels to tick off items from your list.
Those are small wins.
A list of completed tasks is a big win!
Do that daily and you're unstoppable.
Don't try to multitask either, you'll only get distracted and spend more time doing all the things.
Focus on one task at a time (in order of importance) and you'll power through them.

Ask yourself, why do you dislike Monday?

Hate your job? Write a list of all the things you need to accomplish to get a new one and start taking those steps.
Miss your family? Maybe you can start making steps towards working less hours.
Everyone has different situations, I know, but everyone also has mindset.
You have the ability to choose whether yours is positive or negative. No-one will do it for you.

When you alter your perspective, you change your trajectory.

There's so much more to write on this subject but that's enough for now.
Remember, Monday is sound. How you feel about it requires deeper internal thinking.
If you missed my post on making excuse, it is here
Go enjoy your week.
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