How To Stop Beard Itch. The Best 4 Ways.

How To Stop Beard Itch. The Best 4 Ways.

I get it. I've been there too. You want to know how to stop beard itch. I'll give you 4 simple ways in a bit.

The itch can be a confidence killer in more ways than one. Standing in a queue scratching you beard isn't attractive (stroking your beard, is). Scratching your beard can lead to dry skin flaking onto your top, again, not attractive. But more importantly it is flat out irritating which may become painful after a while.


What causes beard itch?

There are many reasons why you may experience an itchy beard. Some are simple which I will explain below and some are medical, which I'll leave to medical professionals.

• As new hair begins to break through the skin, it may cause the area to become inflamed making it feel itchy.

• Occasionally, new hair may not break through the skin and inside grow sideways or back on itself, becoming an ingrown hair. To read more about ingrown beard hair, check THIS ARTICLE

• Dry skin can lead to irritation and dandruff.

• Dandruff (beardruff) is dry skin sitting on the skin that begins to flake away. As well as leaving an unsightly mess, this process can make your beard feel itchy.

• Stress and anxiety can result in your pulling at your facial hair which may lead to hair loss. This tension on the roots can cause irritation which makes your beard feel itchy.

As mentioned above, there may be underlying medical issues which I can't help with. Those require advice from a medical professional. Those are rare so let's crack on with the most common solutions.


How to stop beard itch.

1. Wash.

Braw Beard oils Scotland

Sounds simple right? You would be surprised how many people don't wash their faces or beards as often as they should!

Use an all natural beard wash like Braw Beard Wash. It is natural and contains aloe vera which is incredible for moisturising the skin, the first step to eliminating the beard itch.

Washing your beard will remove dead skin, grime and residue that gets caught in there. But be sure to wash all of the product out. Any excess left over will eventually dry and can cause itching.


2. Brush & allow hair to grow.

One of the best tools you can have is a good beard brush. The Braw Beard brush has medium strength bristles. Bristles that are too firm can damage the pores and hair. Our medium strength bristles act as a great exfoliation tool which removes dead skin cells and grime from your pores as well as brushing your facial hair. This reduces dandruff, irritation and clears the pores to allow the hair to grow as intended. Always brush from the root (skin) to the tip of your facial hair for best results.

If you are trying to grow a big beard, let it grow from all areas. It is tempting to shave and shape the neck. But allowing the hair to grow will reduce the chances of ingrown hairs and more hair means more volume in the beard.


3. Condition with Braw Beard oil.

Daily use of Braw Beard oil will moisturise the skin, keeping it supple to provide the best opportunity for new hair to grow. Moisturising dry skin will the reduce the chances of dry flakes blocking pores.

Braw Beard oil is a natural conditioner that is applied to the facial hair to moisturise the skin, eliminating dandruff and irritation which allows you to continue growing your beard in comfort.


4. Hydrate.

Are you drinking plenty of water throughout the day? Although the amount of water needed to function properly varies for everyone, the NHS recommend drinking 1.2 litres per day. For those in warmer climates or exercising, more is required. Drinking plenty of water will flush out toxins which helps your body run smoothly, every cell, organ and tissue requires water to operate properly. Your hair follicles need hydration for optimal performance, dehydration will stall hair growth.


My current routine to avoid beard itch

This works for me but may not work for you. Everyone is different. I get asked what my morning routine is often, hopefully this may help you too.

First off, I drink a glass of water to rehydrate after sleeping.
Then I use Braw Beard Wash in a cool shower. (I use Braw Beard Wash every 2 days and wash with water only the other days).
After my shower, I gently towel dry my beard. I say gently because rubbing too hard with a towel can damage the hair and roots.
Once that’s dry, I apply Braw Beard oil.
Then comb my beard to detangle any snags from sleeping and washing.
Next, I apply some Braw Beard butter which is a great moisturiser, but also does the job of holding wispy hairs in place to maintain shape.
Finally, I use the Braw Beard Brush to evenly distribute the products through my facial. This also exfoliates my skin at the same time, further reducing dandruff.


I hope these tips have helped you stop the beard itch. Don’t shave.

Thank you for reading.
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