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Sleeping With Beards, Make It Comfortable

If you clicked this article looking for dating advice on sleeping with beards, I apologise, this isn't that! This article is going to lay out some tips for looking after your beard while you get a good nights rest.

First, get it nice and clean with Braw Beard Wash. This will clean out any dirt, grime and sweat from your day.

Secondly, apply a small amount of Braw Beard Oil and and comb or brush it through. This will keep the hair soft and smelling goooood, before sleeping I'd recommend using Heather or Lover Beard oil for relaxation. Don't apply too much though or rather than be absorbed as normal, the excess may end up on your pillow instead.

Sleeping with beards, tie it down.

Third, if you have a long beard, tie it down to save catching it in your armpits! Personally I have tried a couple of options for tying it down, with both 1 tie and 3 ties.

Braw Beard oils Scotland

One tie works fine but the hair underneath spread out and get caught while sleeping. Using 1 tie at the bottom of the beard works too but the bulk of the beard above, then starts to get wild and caught, causing the tie to slip off.

Braw Beard oils Scotland

My preferred option for sleeping with a big beard is using 3 ties, this keeps the hair neat and tidy without catching random hairs.

Lastly, if you are struggling to get a decent sleep, consider using the Relax and Recover Bath Salts before bed. I tracked my sleep while using them and the results are AVAILABLE HERE.

I hope this article has helped offered some tips for sleeping with beards.

Thank you for reading.
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