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You Need To Know When To Use Beard Oil And Balm

When is the best time to use beard oil and balm/butter? It's a question that comes up in 2 contexts, when to use products. When on my journey do I start using these products? And, when throughout my day should I apply these?

Let us first look at the beard journey.

When you are first starting off from clean shaven, beard oil can be used at any point. I'd even recommend using it on stubble, BrawBeard oil is a moisturiser. It is designed to keep the skin soft, supple and nourished to keep dry skin away. This will reduce itchiness and irritation as stubble starts to grow through. Using BrawBeard oil on stubble will sooth that dreaded itch!

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I recommend using Braw oil daily in the very early stages, after all, our original motto was From Stubble To Skiffin' Rubble. (Scraping the ground).

Another product that we recommend using is Braw Beard Butter (our version of balm). Braw Butter is designed to hold wispy hairs in place and give the hair a little hold to maintain shape. Although it is also a great moisturiser too, we recommend using this product once your facial hair has some length (around 2+ inches). Read more about Braw Beard Butter HERE.

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Which time of day to use them?

It varies for everyone, but the most common time to use beardcare products is the morning. It becomes part of the usual morning routine. For me personally, my beard care routine starts in the shower, for more information, CLICK HERE.

Some of our customers also apply a little oil or butter in the early evening too for a wee top up. Depending on conditions, perhaps your facial hair will feel a little dry after a day's work. In that case, consider applying a little to soften the feel. Having a dry straw like beard can cause irritation. This may lead you to pull or pick at it, damaging the hair and roots. Braw Beard oil will help sooth that. If you work in dirty and dusty conditions, THIS ARTICLE may help in more detail.

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