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Which Beard Balm Is The Best?

It is probably not the first or the last time you’ve read about the importance of beard balm. If you google which beard balm is the best, you will be overwhelmed by the promotions on different beard balms. So, am I wasting this article on it?

Even though you might have read about why beard balm is important and what it is good for there is still no shame if you got confused due to being spoilt for choice. It is not an easy decision, which is why it is important to consider which beard balm is the best.


So, which beard balm is the best?

1. Mango Butter as a nominee for Best Beard Balm.

Everyone has heard of cocoa and shea butter before. But what exactly is mango butter and what is it good for?

Mango butter is both beneficial in an edible and an inedible form. In this case, as an ingredient of Braw Beard Butter it cannot be eaten so, please try to resist the temptation to try!

It is made by the extraction of mango seeds which is followed by cold pressing their contents until a creamy buttery state is achieved. It sounds so soothing, doesn’t it? But why is it good for you?

• Moisturises dry skin.
• Soothes irritated skin.
• Improves general skin health.
Rich in antioxidants, minerals, and vitamins.
Natural conditioner.

Mango butter has been noticed to act as a natural conditioner. It will not only create a healthy, shiny presentation of your beard but will make it much easier to brush it with Braw Beard Brush.


2. Coconut oil – the best beard balm or just one of the many?

The great potential of coconut oil most likely comes as no surprise to you. Whenever you go into a supermarket (even the non-fancy ones) you can find them on the shelf, advertising their great benefits for you. But what exactly are these benefits?

• Softens your hair.

Coconut oil has been found to soften hair which will especially come in handy if your beard is dry and likely to have split ends. Coconut oil will help to decrease the formation of split ends which will not only mean a healthier but a more attractive beard.

• Softens your skin.

It might not be new information for you that coconut oil moisturises, thus softens your skin. But did you know that it will not only improve the overall health of your skin but will help your beard to grow more evenly? Plants can’t grow from dry soil. It is the same for your beard, which is why coconut oil is a great addition to our Braw Beard Butter.

3. Cocoa butter – Ingredient for chocolate and a treat for your beard.

Cocoa butter as a contributor for chocolate requires no explanation. But how does it help your beard?

• Moisturises, promotes beard-growth.

Similarly to coconut oil and mango butter, cocoa butter is a great moisturiser. However, it is also exceptional at preserving moisture within the body which will create the environment for a healthy, faster-growing beard.

• Soothes scars.

Cocoa butter also contains nutrients that will smooth out scars. So, if you have been sloppy with the razor then cocoa butter will certainly help to hide that.

4. Avocado butter – Not just an ingredient for your breakfast.

Yes, an avocado toast leaves no room for disappointment. Avocado however is not only an ingredient for an exceptional breakfast.

• Promotes beard growth.

High testosterone levels are the key to a long, thick beard. But how is that of any relevance to avocado butter? Avocado has been proved to be rich in Zinc and Vitamin E, which both are contributors towards the level of testosterone in your body. Which is why we have found it vital to include avocado butter as part of our Braw Beard Butter’s ingredients.

• Strong, shiny beard.

Besides, its contribution to beard growth, avocado butter also strengthens your beard. No need to worry though… this strength will not go unnoticed. You will be able to see the effects by not only growth but a much shinier beard!

Now that you have been introduced to different beard balm ingredients you might even be more confused. Yes, they all sound great individually but which one is the best? To make things easier, our Braw Beard Butter contains a precision ratio of these balms along with additional ingredients such as: shea butter, beeswax, and vitamin E. This not only makes the decision easier but will mean the combined benefits of all these balms and more. You can also find our Braw Beard Butters with a parfum addition if you prefer a special smell such as chocolate orange or vanilla.

Thank you for reading, I hope it has been useful.
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