Will Your Beard Get Thicker? Unlock Its Potential!

Will Your Beard Get Thicker? Unlock Its Potential!

You might have just recently started to grow your beard or have been growing it for years but no matter what you do it stays thin and patchy? What could be the reason for this? Will your beard ever get thicker?

Unfortunately, or fortunately there is not one reason for your patchy beard. However, one thing is for sure. Genetics play a significant role in the thickness of your beard. If men in the family have been lucky enough to take pride in thick, full beards, then to achieve the same will come easier to you. However, if your genetics did not make you that lucky, there is still plenty you can do to wear your beard proudly.


Will your beard get thicker with age?

Age, as a factor seems a bit too obvious even for the ones who never set foot into a biology class. So why do I even include this? It is no secret that facial hair does not grow before the start of puberty. However, the thickness and fullness of your beard can change up until the age of 30! As you grow older, your genes become more sensitive to your beard growing hormones such as testosterone and DHT.

So, even though your genes play a massive role in how thick your beard will become, there is no need to worry if your beard does not look like your father’s. Your beard can still get thicker. You just need patience to unlock its potential.


will your beard get thicker


Don’t believe the myth that shaving makes beard thicker!

Contrary to beliefs, shaving will not only not benefit your beard, but will certainly harm it. Shaving stops the natural process, and your beard will never be able to reach its full potential. It’s common for skin under your beard to start itching around the second week but that should not discourage you, you just need to practice techniques that stop the itching. To read about these methods click HERE


Healthy lifestyle and a thicker beard.

Yes, yes… healthy lifestyle seems to be the solution for everything. It would be so much easier if we could just take a pill to lose that excess weight, improve our mood, and to decrease that high blood sugar. Or, in this instance, to help your beard get thicker. However, there is no quick solution to any of these issues.


Among many of its benefits, exercise also affects your beard. It not only reduces stress hormones, but it increases testosterone which contributes to hair growth substantially. To learn more about the relationship between exercise and healthy beard click HERE


Well, that sounds easy enough. But how does sleep affect your beard? Sleep will not only lower the level of stress hormones (harmful for beard growth), but it lets your body regain the testosterones that are needed for that thick, full beard.

Healthy diet

Nutrients that you take into your body impact on your beard growth too, among its many other effects. A balanced diet will mean the necessary vitamins in your system that promote beard thickness. Besides, obesity is parallel with lower levels of testosterones which hormones are necessary to achieve a thick, full beard. Read more about why healthy diet is vital HERE


Washing, combing, and moisturising your beard cannot be neglected to achieve that thick beard. Read more about the importance of hygiene HERE


In conclusion, even though beard thickness is largely dependent on genetics, there is still plenty you can do to achieve the desired beard. Exercise, a healthy amount of sleep and a balanced diet are all needed to avoid a patchy beard. If your beard does not grow the way you hoped so, remember that everyone’s growth process is different. However, most importantly, don’t believe the myth and avoid shaving before your beard could show you how thick it can get.

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