Why You Can’t Grow A Beard & How To Get One Started.

At every show we go to, it’s a guarantee that someone with a heavy 5 o’clock shadow will walk past laughing saying “I can’t grow a beard mate”.
My reply, “stop shaving”.

Now I fully understand it’s not quite that simple and that some people just can’t grow a beard due to the genetics they’ve been dealt.

BUT, every man can give it a shot.


Can’t grow a beard? Have you even tried?

Beards don’t grow over night, ok they do, but very very slowly.
Many people I’ve met expect a big, full, impressive beard NOW, but don’t really appreciate the commitment that comes with it.

To get a beard that most people aspire to, from clean shaven, you are looking at 1 full year worth of growth, investing in decent natural beard care products and maintaining it daily.

beard growth oil
This was sent to us by a customer, Braw Beard care works.


Lots of people who have told me they can’t grow a beard have given up after a week, 1 WEEK!!


What if these guys decided they can’t grow a beard and gave up after a week?

Michael Legge has been growing for approx 6 years
Can't grow a beard How Long Does It Take To Grow A Beard


How to get one started. What’s the best approach to growing a beard?

Some people say try growing for a month. I personally always recommend growing it for at least 3 months. You should have a decent growth by then. Facial hair grows 1.25cm per month approximately. 3 months should give you around 3.5cm – 4cm in length.

After 1 month, you may still have sparse patches, but after 3 months you will see these fill in or become covered. I have scars on my chin from binning it on my bike & skateboard when I was a kid, but the hair has grown to a length to cover them.

Everyone is unique and hair grows at different rates in different areas on your jawline. Aim for the 3 month mark, then decide from there.
If it’s weak on the sides and you’re not happy, consider going with a goatee or a full-blow moustache. Rock your own style.

Take a selfie on day 1, then take one at the end of month 1, month 2 and month 3. That will give you an idea of the rate of progress.

Enjoy the process.


How to maintain your beard.

Some old school guys will say just leave it as is. That’s cool if you have naturally soft hair, most people don’t though.
Throughout the growing process, it can get dry and itchy, that’s when guys decide they can’t grow a beard and shave.

That’s where Braw Beard come in. We have a large selection of beard care products to condition and make your facial hair more manageable.

Choose to wash your beard with a natural beard wash, the ingredients are chosen for their soothing & anti-dandruff properties to ease irritation and dryness.

Then apply a natural beard oil to nourish the facial hair, this product will nourish the hair with nutrients, keeping it strong and healthy. They smell awesome too!! We can’t be held responsible for the attention you may attract.

Brush your facial hair daily too, this will keep it clean and train the beard to sit the way you want it to.

We have a kit available that will help you get started HERE

There are other products to consider when you get further on the journey, beard butter, combs, moustache wax etc. Articles on how to use these can be found within the blog.


If you haven’t started already, what are you waiting for?

I look forward to seeing your progress photos.

I hope you have enjoyed reading this article on why people can’t grow a beard.
Feel free to ask any questions.

Thank you for reading
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